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Demeter –
Woher die Demeter-Bewegung kommt, eine Erklärung der Hintergründe
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july 2019 by archangel
“Your Default Position Should Be Skepticism” and Other Advice for Data Journalists From Hadley Wickham — ProPublica
As a generalist you want to turn that into a story, and there are so many questions you can ask. That kind of exploration is really a warmup. If you’re more of an investigative data journalist, you’re also looking for the data that isn’t there. You’ve got to force yourself to think, well, what should I be seeing that I’m not?
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june 2019 by paulbradshaw
A nation ‘bored of Brexit’ risks sleepwalking into disaster | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian
In the event of another referendum, should the remain side belatedly improve upon the hopeless campaign that led to disaster in 2016, people might finally hear about things that should have always defined the national conversation surrounding this country and its place in the world: the inarguable benefits of an open economy; the complex and often fragile trading arrangements that keep the economy in business and people in work; the fact that our history is not one of isolation from Europe but of being at its heart.
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january 2019 by petej
Warum Menschen merkwürdige Dinge glauben | hpd
Michael Shermer ist Psychologe, Wissenschaftshistoriker und Gründer der US-amerikanischen Skeptics Society.
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december 2018 by cito

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