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A Mass Murder of, and for, the Internet - The New York Times
"There is no offline equivalent of the experience of being algorithmically nudged toward a more strident version of your existing beliefs, or having an invisible hand steer you from gaming videos to neo-Nazism."
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4 weeks ago by tremolo
Nest’s Secret Microphone, YouTube and the Pollyanish Assumption — Again, Pinterest and Anti-Vaxxers
Indeed, while the divisions within Google are completely different, you can see the parallels to the Nest microphone snafu: there is, quite clearly, no one in Google’s senior management that actually cares about this issue, and by care I don’t mean personal discomfort with YouTube being a pedophile social network, but rather their compensation tied to ensuring such networks don’t exist.

That, though, brings me back to the first point: the unintended consequence of being OK with limiting the reach of views that are legal but not “OK”, at least according to the views of the platform in question, is the suppression of legitimate political views; I’m ok, though, as long as those views can be expressed somewhere. That that expression may be more expensive is truly the market doing its work, no?
google  privacy  scary  youtube 
8 weeks ago by elrob
If I Could Buy Only 1 Pure-Play Marijuana Stock, This Would Be It
If I Could Buy Only 1 Pure-Play Marijuana Stock, This Would Be It
8 weeks ago by gorillaBraun

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