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The PDF Scanner App for iPhone and Android | Scanbot
Scanbot is the most advanced PDF scanner app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Create premium quality scans and upload them to your favorite cloud.
ios  scanning  scanner 
2 days ago by onefewercar
What To Look For In A Document Scanning Company
Document scanning is a process that you can easily outsource if you can find the right company. Here are four things to ask about when you're trying to choose your document scanning company:
document  scanning  document-management 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Home - LensTagger
Free LR plugin for adding metadata to photos, specifically for scanned images.
photography  lightroom  exif  metadata  scanning  plugins 
14 days ago by DaleStrumpell
JABCODE: Just another barcode
JAB Code is a 2D color bar code, which can encode more data than traditional black/white codes.
barcode  scanning  encoding  color 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
br101/horst: “horst” - lightweight IEEE802.11 wireless LAN analyzer with a text interface
“horst” - lightweight IEEE802.11 wireless LAN analyzer with a text interface - br101/horst
linux  openwrt  wifi  lan  networking  analyzer  software  radio  scanning  hacking  packets  aggregator  textui  tool  mesh  wlan 
18 days ago by orlin
jabcode/jabcode: jabcode - color bar code
JAB Code (Just Another Bar Code) is a high-capacity 2D color bar code, which can encode more data than traditional black/white (QR) codes.
qrcode  ocr  scanning 
19 days ago by dexter
Open Source Security Platform | Snyk
Snyk helps you find, fix and monitor known vulnerabilities in npm, Ruby, Python, Scala, Golang, .NET, PHP, Java and Docker dependency trees. When added to your build pipeline, Snyk continuously monitors and tests the library dependency tree against a hosted vulnerability database and suggests the minimal direct dependency version upgrade needed for remediation. Use Open Source. Stay Secure. A developer-first solution that automates finding & fixing vulnerabilities in your dependencies. Developers & DevOps. Find vulnerabilities in your repos and remediate risks with automated updates and patches. Block vulnerable libraries in CI/CD and monitor PaaS/Serverless apps for dependency flaws. Enterprise Security. Regain visibility into open source security and license risk as well as empower your developers to address it. 90% of tested organizations use vulnerable dependencies.
javascript  node  nodejs  security  tools  golang  vulnerability  scanning 
25 days ago by dlkinney
NY Times Using Google AI to Digitize 5M+ Photos and Find 'Untold Stories'
The New York Times has teamed up with Google Cloud for digitizing five to seven million old photos in its archive. Google’s AI will also be tasked with unearthing “untold stories” in the massive trove of historical images.
“For over 100 years, The Times has archived approximately five to seven million of its old photos in hundreds of file cabinets three stories below street level near their Times Square offices in a location called the ‘morgue’,” Google writes. “Many of the photos have been stored in folders and not seen in years. Although a card catalog provides an overview of the archive’s contents, there are many details in the photos that are not captured in an indexed form.”
google  photography  nytimes  AI/ML  digital  scanning 
26 days ago by rgl7194

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