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Memo to Henneberger: The logical thing is to 'hang in there'
I think it was Bernard Shaw who was asked, when he left the church, if he was going to become a Protestant. He answered, "I've lost my faith, not my reason."What I hear you saying is, "I've lost my reason, not my faith."Could this be your personal version of the "dark night of the soul," when nothing human seems to support our faith? The purpose of the dark night is to let us experience our faith as divine by holding on to it when all the human reasons for doing so just don't mean anything anymore. We see the logic in them, but they just don't affect us.When that happens, the only advice anyone can give us is, "Hang in there!" Then we come to understand on a deeper level what faith is.
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4 days ago by thomas.kochi
Argentine archbishop: in some dioceses there is a gay priests’ lobby
The Pope has touched a key point, which did not used to be talked about,” he said. “I can assure you that, in some dioceses, the percentage of homosexual priests is high, and that they usually cover for each other; they do not come out of the closet … they constitute a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are ‘non-practising’.”The archbishop suggested it was a just form of discrimination not to admit gay people to the priesthood. “Fair discrimination is preventing things from being done that should not be done or that people who should not be in such a place be there,” he said. “Well: choosing candidates for the priesthood with full male integrity is an obligation of the Church; otherwise the sense of celibacy is being put at risk.”
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7 days ago by thomas.kochi
'It's About Right and Wrong.' In Conversation With the Journalist Who Exposed the World's Biggest Corruption Scandal
Clare Rewcastle Brown, 59, had been shining a spotlight on environmental destruction in her birthplace, Sarawak, Malaysia, when she uncovered a trail that eventually exposed billions of dollars being siphoned from a state sovereign fund known as 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). In all, U.S. Department of Justice investigators believe more than $7.5 billion was embezzled from the fund and spent on items such as Van Gogh paintings and luxury yachts. The sensational fallout from 1MDB has implicated members of leading financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, led to a change of government in Malaysia and spawned international criminal charges for figures like the playboy financier and The Wolf of Wall Street producer Jho Low.
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14 days ago by thomas.kochi
Former U.S. attorney indicts Catholic priests
Whenever someone generalizes from the individual to the collective (of a negative nature)—making sweeping statements indicting an entire class of people—it is rightly condemned. Well, not always. This is certainly true of most races, religions, ethnic groups, and sexual orientations, but it is definitely not true of Catholic priests..former U.S. Attorney David Hickton spoke about his experiences at a Pittsburgh suburban Catholic elementary school. He said there were members of the basketball team who were abused by the coach. Hickton didn't stop by commenting on the offending coach. He said that "I don't think my experience is that much different than many people who went to Catholic school."This is a remarkable statement. Was Hickton abused? No, he says he was not. On what basis does he make such a sweeping generalization? He has never done a study of this issue and cannot point to one that would substantiate his claim. One would think that a man of his stature—he is the director and founder of the University Institute for Cyber Law, Policy and Security—would choose his words more carefully.
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16 days ago by thomas.kochi
Soros-backed leftists and their agenda at the Catholic bishops' conference
None of these people bothered to tell us how we would resolve the problem of clergy sexual abuse by changing the Church's teachings on ordination or sexuality. That they refuse to state the obvious—this has been a homosexual scandal all along—only weakens their position.They are also seemingly unaware of the fact that many of the Protestant mainline denominations that adopted these reforms are crashing—they've been in free fall for decades. Indeed, the decline in membership was driven by these reforms! Why is it seen as "progressive" to adopt strictures that cause a regression?Sexual abuse by homosexual priests has been checked since the Dallas reforms of 2002, making it all the more ludicrous to adopt these irrational reforms. Fortunately, few bishops will listen to them.
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4 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Italian priest and pioneer in anti-pedophilia fight optimistic about Italian Church
An Italian priest on the front lines of the fight against sexual abuse, and a member of a commission that shortly will be producing the Italian bishops’ new guidelines for safeguarding children, said he’s optimistic about the handling of abuse cases on the peninsula.The guidelines “will address formation, information and prevention, as well as everything necessary to ensure that the Church becomes a safe haven of care capable of handling these issues,” said Father Fortunato Di Noto, an internationally renowned figure respected for his work in the fight against pedophilia.Italy, the priest added, “is not at ground zero” when it comes to this issue, and the 2014 guidelines already paved the way for further progress.Di Noto’s opinion on the handling of sexual abuse, especially in the Italian context, comes from over 30 years of experience in fighting human trafficking and sexual abuse, within and outside of the Church.He started surfing the internet in 1989, and while studying at the Gregorian University in Rome, first came across the reality of pedo-pornographic content during a conference raising awareness. From that moment, he began using his keen understanding of the internet to track down victims and perpetrators.While many police departments in Italy and the world did not even have a computer, Di Noto was getting information about pedophilia on the web and sending it via fax to authorities all over the world.He started his non-profit organization, Meter, in his parish in 1995, with a few concerned faithful. In the past 12 years they have proved essential in over 23 national and international police investigations, led to over 300 arrests and signaled concerns regarding more than 23,000 religious and lay people accused of abusing minors
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4 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
New book throws light on Viganò and McCarrick
“The truth emerges,” Ben Bradlee, the former editor of the Washington Post once said.“Truth is humble, truth is silent, the truth is not noisy,” the Pope said during Mass a week after Viganò had published his testimony. He added that “with people who seek only scandal, who seek only division” the only response is “silence”.
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4 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
…the way Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro presented the report—and the way it was often described in the press—made it easy to assume that the grand jury had unearthed three hundred new clerical abusers, when in fact most of the abuse covered in the report occurred in the last century and roughly eight out of ten of the alleged abusers are dead. It was easy to overlook the good news in an otherwise disheartening report—namely, that since the U.S. bishops established stringent new procedures for handling allegations of sexual abuse in 2003, only two priests from the seven dioceses studied have been accused.The “narrative” of an ongoing, widespread, and unaddressed rape culture in the Catholic Church in the United States is one state attorney general after another finds political hay to be made by investigating the Catholic past, it is essential that Catholics understand that a lot of the awfulness that is going to keep coming out—both in terms of abusive clergy and malfeasant bishops—was in the past...Catholics are fed up with clerical narcissism. The angers of the present have been stoked by that narcissism for decades; the deadly combination of McCarrick and Josh Shapiro blew the boiler’s lid off.At the same time, it must be remembered that most priests and bishops in the United States are not narcissists: rather, they’re men with a deep sense of vocation who know they’re earthen vessels through whom flows unmerited but superabundant divine grace. Those men deserve our support, affection, and gratitude as they, like the rest of us, deal with the fallout of this season of humiliation and purification.As for the narcissists, they need help—and disciplining.
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5 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Guam's Catholic Church To File Bankruptcy Amid Deluge Of Sex Abuse Lawsuits
Keith Talbot, an attorney for the Church, said the decision to file bankruptcy grew out of information gleaned from mediation sessions."Bankruptcy does two really good things for us. One is finality for the archdiocese going forward," As part for the process, a judge will set a deadline — effectively a kind of statute of limitations — for claimants to come forward with any new lawsuits. "The other part is that bankruptcy is the method to deliver the greatest measure of justice to the greatest number of victims."In this respect, Leander James agrees. He's an attorney representing nearly a dozen of the alleged victims."I think this bankruptcy was necessary to create an avenue toward a final settlement,"It will also provide the archdiocese a road out of this dark jungle it's been in. For years now, they've been trying to find their way out. I think this may provide that path."
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5 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
The True Story Behind The Front Runner: How Gary Hart's Scandal Changed Politics
The Front Runner offers a cautionary tale for future candidates.It’s based on the true story of the fall from grace of former Colorado Senator Gary Hart. Played by Hugh Jackman, he was “the clear front runner for the Democratic nomination” in the 1988 presidential election, according to TIME, until he was forced to drop out of the race. The scandal hit just over 30 years ago, after the Miami Herald revealed that the married man had been spending nights with another woman — Donna Rice, a 29-year-old model.Hart suspended his campaign. “I’ve made some mistakes,” he said. “Maybe big mistakes, but not bad mistakes.”The scandal marked a turning point in how the media covered the private lives of public figures.Some media experts thought the Herald‘s stakeout was too forward for a mainstream news outlet; TIME and other news outlets said Hart was asking for the comeuppance because of his earlier challenge to the New York Times magazine that reporters could feel free to “put a tail on me,” and his warning that they’d be “bored.”Historically, when journalists found out that public-office-holders like President John F. Kennedy were having affairs, they didn’t report on them because such trysts weren’t considered newsworthy. However, TIME observed, “with the breakdown of sexual taboos in the 1960s, public discussion of such topics became more acceptable. At the same time, with the changing status of women, society has grown less tolerant of the macho dalliances of married men.”As for what happened to the main characters, Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis became the Democratic nominee and lost the 1988 presidential election to George H.W. Bush. Gary Hart went back to practicing law... he is still married to his wife Lee. Donna Rice Hughes married in 1994 and is an activist who works to rid the Internet of child pornography . In a recent statement about the 2018 film, she wrote that she is working on a memoir, that “all the truth is not out, as I have never told my own story.”
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5 weeks ago by thomas.kochi

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