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Elite chef Mario Batali's hypocrisy
There is no celebrity chef more adored by elites nationwide than Mario Batali. They particularly like the way he champions women's rights and the rights of the poor. And so far, at least, they seem untroubled by revelations that he abuses both women and the poor. Maybe that's because they still approve of the way he called out the pope five years ago.Mario may like to abuse women but he loves to stand up for their rights. Not surprisingly, he is a big proponent of abortion rights (most abusers tend to be that way)Mario is also an advocate of two men marrying (those who are pro-abortion are almost always pro-gay marriage). That explains why he wasn't too happy with Pope Francis, who, while visiting the U.S. in 2015, met with Kim Davis; she is the Kentucky County clerk who refused to issue a marriage license to gay couples.Mario also loves the poor.he and his partner agreed to pay $5.25 million to settle their cash-skimming schemes at eight high-scale restaurants. They took 4-5 percent of the tips from employees, ripping off the busboys to pay for the sommeliers' salaries. The money that was paid out was shared by 1,100 employees; many were forced to work more than 40 hours a week without making minimum wage...the top prize for hypocrisy goes to Mario Batali.
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yesterday by thomas.kochi
Literature, Lust and Lies at the Swedish Academy
he Swedish Academy will not be awarding a Nobel prize in literature this year. And a closer look at the swamp of scandal in Stockholm raises doubts as to whether it can ever be rehabilitated.
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6 days ago by thomas.kochi
Oliver North Will Be the Next President of the NRA. Here's What to Know About the Arms Deal That Made Him Famous
In the mid-’80s, when Nicaraguan right-wing rebels were opposing President Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista government, North was a National Security Council staffer. The Reagan administration supported the cause of the rebels, known as contras, but Congress stopped the U.S. from supporting them financially. At the time, North helped figure out a way to get the contras that support without Congress. The solution was to divert money to them that the Iranians had paid for arms ultimately provided by the U.S. via Israel — a deal that was itself part of an exceedingly complicated effort that also aimed to free a group of hostages — even though Congress had banned such aid. The scheme, which became public in late 1986, became known as the Iran-contra Scandal.
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16 days ago by thomas.kochi
Vatican silence on Cardinal Pell's trial is a turn from a long history
The liberty of the church, like the freedom to form a union, is a sign of a healthy society. Intermediate social actors protect a culture from both a totalitarian state and from the totalitarian impulses of libertarianism. Radical, erroneous autonomy is as unhealthy as Stalinism and the two look a lot more alike than the advocates of either wish to admit. But the church must not fetishize its freedom and must govern itself internally so that none of its members, no matter how exalted, think they are immune from just civil laws.
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16 days ago by thomas.kochi

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