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Pope Francis’s Failure to Address Abuse Allegations Jeopardizes His Papacy
Francis eventually walked back his claims of calumny and sent a Vatican special prosecutor to Chile to investigate the claims of coverup.Francis’s surprise March 2013 election as the universal leader of the Catholic Church came on the heels of a four-minute speech he gave at the conclave where he derided Church’s self-obsession. In what many have described as Francis’s Gettysburg Address, the future pope said that “when the Church is self-referential, inadvertently, she believes she has her own light.” Francis called this oversized self-importance that “worst evil” which could befall the Church.The Catholic Church of 2018 looks very different from the one he inherited nearly five years ago. From everything from the new focus on the environment and the poor to an emphasis on simplicity and sobriety among the clergy, Francis has reformed nearly every corner of the Catholic Church in his image.But all that is for naught if Francis doesn’t finally address the sexual abuse scandal head-on.
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First Woman To Accuse Nassar Says Church Can Be One Of 'Worst Places' To Go For Help
Rachael Denhollander, an evangelical Christian, saw that Biblical teachings about grace and repentance were being weaponized against victims, pressuring them into offering an easy forgiveness to their abusers. At the same time, churches lacked accountability structures that treated victims with compassion and evangelical communities, patriarchy is often seen as part of God’s plan. Some churches emphasize female submissiveness and male “headship,” the idea that men have final authority over women in the church, community and home..evangelical churches lack adequate accountability structures that would keep all of these problematic forces in check. “The toxicity of this combination ― a lack of accountability structures and a patriarchal theology ― taints evangelical culture at its very core,”
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