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Facebook camera spying
Evidence the iOS app turns the camera on while you're reading your feed
camera  facebook  tirefire  privacy  scandal  badtech 
5 hours ago by nelson
The Other World Bank Scandal: A New Study Documents How Corporate Collusion Hurts the Bank’s Credibility—and Harms Sustainable Development -
World Bank chief economist Paul Romer prompted widespread dismay when he admitted last week that the Bank’s Doing Business rankings may have been manipulated to make Chile’s economic environment look worse under the sitting socialist president Michelle Bachelet.
econ  scandal  red  1911 
7 days ago by hairyslime
City of Bell scandal
California fraud case from ~2010; local officials passed a law making the tiny town inside LA a charter city, then started siphoning money out
bell  california  politics  scandal  tootme  losangeles 
16 days ago by nelson

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