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How To Spot Domain Renewal Scams
A recent scam was found to prey on small business owners by urgently reminding them to renew their “domain name search engine registration” using language that feels like a standard domain name renewal notice.
domain  renewal  scams 
19 days ago by Adventure_Web
DON'T GET CAUGHT How KPMG got caught up in the breathtaking corruption of South Africa’s private sector
Moses came down from the mount with tablets inscribed with 10 commandments. Most of us know (most of) them, and most of us fail to live by (most of) them. But if Moses had turned them over and looked in the fine print on the back, he’d have found the 11th Commandment:
Don’t get caught.That in essence summarizes the rise and fall of the South African arm of the international accounting firm KPMG which has been caught with its hands in the slush fund jar. It stands accused of taking money from companies owned by the politically connected Gupta family.KPMG has miraculously grown a conscience. Suddenly—having broken the 11th commandment—it was reborn as a hand-wringing, apologetic company living up to high ethical standards. It was now willing to fire its CEO and some senior managers, to reject its own findings and to “donate” Gupta-company earnings to education and anti-corruption NGOs. The latter gesture was a revolting display of supine reprehensibility—we got caught in corrupt deals so we’ll hand the profits over to anti-corruption NGOs. Really? Go to jail would be a better outcome.The world is watching – South Africans brought down Bell Pottinger. They’re now going after the likes of McKinsey, KPMG and SAP, all of these companies tangled up by allegations of corruption.
audit  S.Africa  scams  frauds 
25 days ago by thomas.kochi
#104 The Case of the Phantom Caller - Reply All by Gimlet Media
Another fine episode of Reply All.

“A woman in New Jersey is getting strange phone calls to her office from unknown numbers. Every time she picks up, she finds herself eavesdropping on the life of a different stranger. Unsure what else to do, she calls in Super Tech Support.”
scams  podcast 
26 days ago by metaproof
#102 Long Distance - Reply All by Gimlet Media
“This week, a telephone scammer makes a terrible mistake. He calls Alex Goldman.”

It's a cold call ‘your computer has a virus’ kind of thing.

In part 2 (episode #103) Goldman travels to India to meet the scammers face to face.
scams  via_tidbits  podcast 
26 days ago by metaproof
China’s Interference on Bitcoin Tests Currency’s Foundation
BEIJING—Chinese authorities are moving toward a broad clampdown on bitcoin trading, testing the resilience of the virtual currency as well as the idea its decentralized nature protects it from government interference.

Regulators have decided on a comprehensive ban on channels for the buying or selling of the virtual currency in China that goes beyond plans to shut commercial bitcoin exchanges, according to people familiar with the matter.
scams  cryptocurrency 
28 days ago by seatrout
Jordan Colburn - Is StubHub's Website Deceiving users?
StubHub faking live ticket sales. And commenting the JS code for it.
scams  javascript 
5 weeks ago by alexbecker
RT : Call of the vile: Are you getting more junk calls, even though you're on the Do Not Call list?
scams  from twitter
5 weeks ago by AramZS
Encontrámos o escritório secreto da Yupido. Estes 29 mil milhões moram em Telheiras – Observador
A história multimilionária da Yupido começou a invadir o Twitter na terça-feira, depois de um professor da Universidade do Minho ter descoberto que o valor do capital social da empresa atingia 28,8 mil milhões de euros.
Archive  scams  startups  tuga  yupido 
5 weeks ago by bruno
MrLuit/EtherScamDB: Keep track of all current ethereum scams in a large database
EtherScamDB - Keep track of all current ethereum scams in a large database
ethereum  scams  database  db 
6 weeks ago by tranqy
MLMs like Avon and LuLaRoe are sending people into debt and psychological crisis — Quartz
“I was urged to stop paying my bills to invest in more inventory. I was urged to get rid of television. I was urged to pawn my vehicle. I just had to get on anxiety meds over all of it because I’ve started having panic attacks.”
quartz  marketing  economics  economy  scams 
7 weeks ago by brendanmcfadden

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