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2 days ago by pzhong : Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras (Certified Refurbished) : Camera & Photo
Since I was not using this lens for video, it would not matter, but the aberration was so bad it made wildlife photos pretty much unusable.
photography  scam 
8 days ago by craniac
2 Year Investigation Into The Fake Influencers In the UK: 2016–2018 — PART I — #opInstaFake
Charlie Irons is allegedly one of the biggest fakes in the UK in the men’s fashion and lifestyle space. He runs a blog called, but is mostly seen faking his Instagram. This has been documented via social media several times over the years.

Charlie has been questioned by other influencers, outed several times including from streetwear influencer Gallucks. He once came out and stated he didn’t use bots, but when the evidence was presented, he remained silent. In fact, he blocks others who question his actions. His fake actions include (but not necessarily limited to) following and unfollowing in an unnatural and inorganic way.
celebrity  instagram  fail  scam 
9 days ago by dancall
How Hackers and Scammers Break into iCloud-Locked iPhones - Motherboard
In a novel melding of physical and cybercrime, hackers, thieves, and even independent repair companies are finding ways to "unlock iCloud" from iPhones.
apple  iphone  hack  scam  theft  beware  article  motherboard 
10 days ago by aeng
#135 Robocall: Bang Bang by Reply All from Gimlet Media
Show Notes
This week, Alex investigates the rise of one of the most hated businesses: Robocalls. And Damiano tries to figure out if a robocaller is tracking his every move.
reply_all  podcast  transcript  robocalls  scam  telemarketing  privacy  security  tracking  apps  location_services 
10 days ago by rgl7194

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