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UPDATE (and thread):

— John Scalzi (@scalzi) December 24, 2018
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december 2018 by mjtsai
John Scalzi on Twitter: "Thread. This is why I'm generally not on board for email interviews at this point. Aside from me doing the work, there's very little spontaneity in my responses and I think that doesn't make for a great interview.…
“Thread. This is why I’m generally not on board for email interviews at this point. Aside from me doing the work, there’s very little spontaneity in my responses and I think that doesn’t make for a great interview.”
email  interviews  2018  scalzi  twitter  threads 
december 2018 by handcoding
John Scalzi on Twitter: "I'm about to post a cool picture BUT it is of a spider, so I'm going to give the arachnophobes amongyou a couple of minutes to get ready. I'm going to use the hashtag #CoolSpider in the tweet, so if you hate spiders, go ahead and
(If you gotta tweet about bugs, this is a pretty good way to do it.)
“I’m about to post a cool picture BUT it is of a spider, so I’m going to give the arachnophobes amongyou a couple of minutes to get ready. I’m going to use the hashtag #CoolSpider in the tweet, so if you hate spiders, go ahead and mute that hashtag now. I’ll post at 7:55 ET.”
bugs  spiders  triggerwarnings  2018  scalzi 
september 2018 by handcoding
Trump is a Racist. Stop Pretending Otherwise. – Whatever
Here in January of 2018, this is the deal: I’m gonna judge you if you can’t admit openly and without reservation that Donald Trump is a racist. Not just racist, which is to say, he has some defense in the idea that we live in a racist society so we all participate in its racism whether we like it or not, but a racist, as in, he’s actively prejudiced against non-white people and groups, as evidenced by his words and actions, both before he was president but especially since then. If you can’t admit this here in January of 2018, when the evidence of his racism is piled up grossly upon the floor in full view of everyone down to the cats, then I’m going to go ahead and judge you for it. It’s long past time, folks.

(He’s also sexist and religiously bigoted and transphobic and classist, among many other bigotries, but let’s go ahead and save those for another time.)
race  racism  culture  commentary  scalzi 
january 2018 by rmohns
My New Convention Harassment Policy – Whatever
moving forward from this very instant, the following will be a hard requirement for my being a panelist, participant or Guest of Honor at a convention:

1. That the convention has a harassment policy, and that the harassment policy is clear on what is unacceptable behavior, as well as to whom those who feel harassed, or see others engaging in harassing behavior, can go for help and action.

2. That the convention make this policy obvious by at least one and preferably more than one of the following: posting the policy on their Website, placing it in their written and electronic programs, putting up flyers in the common areas, discussing the policy at opening ceremonies or at other well-attended common events.

3. In cases when I am invited as a Guest of Honor, personal affirmation from the convention chair that a harassment policy exists, that it will be adequately publicized to conventiongoers, and that all harassment complaints will be dealt with promptly and fairly, with no excuses or rationalizations for delaying action when such becomes necessary.

Why? Because I want my friends and fans to be able to come to a convention and feel assured that the convention is making the effort to be a safe place for them. I want my friends and fans to know that if someone creeps on them, there’s a process to deal with it, quickly and fairly. And I want my friends and fans to know that I don’t support conventions that won’t go out of their way to do both of these things. I want them to know that if I’m showing up as a guest, it’s at a convention that has their backs.
sexual_harassment  harassment  policy  Whatever  Scalzi 
december 2017 by Quercki
Spoiler-Free Observations on The Last Jedi – Whatever
I agree with a lot of this. I am definitely looking forward to more Rian Johnson Star Wars.
blag  review  disney  filmmaking  starwars  scalzi 
december 2017 by UltraNurd
How To Tell SF from F – Whatever
John Scalzi's classic description of "how to tell apart science fiction from fantasy".
scalzi  science  fiction  scifi  humor  fantasy  battery 
november 2017 by acemarke
A Q&A For the Post-Weinstein Era – Whatever
Hey there! As most of you know, I’m a dude. And like most dudes, I’ve been watching this whole post-Weinstein era we’re in with some interest. And because I am reasonably well-known on the internet for talking about things, I’ve had people, mostly dudes, contact me via social media and email with various questions about what’s going on and my opinions on these topics. So, let me go ahead and address several of them at once, with the help of my fictional interlocutor. Say hello, fictional interlocutor!
Scalzi  Feminism  Ethics  Douchbaggery 
november 2017 by tamouse
The Cinemax Theory of Racism
A good metaphor for how voting for a racist even though you're "not racist" is still racist.
donaldtrump  scalzi  2016election  racism  metaphor 
december 2016 by UltraNurd

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