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Seth's Blog: A changemaker's triangle
If you're a maker of change, you might resort to being your own editor and your own publisher. After all, the ideas must be brought forward. If you can, though, see if you can find the editor and the publisher your work is worthy of.
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yesterday by mkatase
Semiconductor Engineering .:. The Race To Accelerate
huge one is the growing cost and complexity of new designs. That’s what’s driving a lot of industry consolidation. Just as people had to band together because they couldn’t afford their own fabs, now they have to band together because designing a chip is getting so expensive. To design a chip you need a big team of people, so even a company that’s pretty good size has to centralize these kinds of things. The economics of scale are working toward concentration and consolidation, where everyone knows how to build switches and that the next switch chip has to be twice or four times as fast. On the flipside, we’re also seeing a bunch of chip and system companies springing up to address new stuff, such as AI and LiDAR.
5 days ago by toddhoff
Semiconductor Engineering .:. Transistor Options Beyond 3nm
Despite a slowdown in chip scaling amid soaring costs, the industry continues to search for a new transistor type 5 to 10 years out—particularly for the 2nm and 1nm nodes.

Specifically, the industry is pinpointing and narrowing down the transistor options for the next major nodes after 3nm. Those two nodes, called 2.5nm and 1.5nm, are slated to appear in 2027 and 2030, respectively, according to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) version 2.0. Another organization, Imec, is more aggressive with the timetable, saying that 2.5nm or thereabouts will arrive by 2024.
5 days ago by toddhoff

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