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01:00; from up here a dazzling pattern of circular fields stretches as far as the eye can see.
02:00; satellite image of Greg stones farm. a patchwork of green circles, as seen from an aeoplane airplane.
02:20; and aerial photograph of that same landscape at the time of Greg Stone’s granddad.
03:40; irrigation & commercial fertilizer.
04:20; greg’s fields are circular.
05:10; it took just a couple of generations to go from grand dads subsistence to Greg’s high yield operation.
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BeyondCorp 6 - Building a Healthy Fleet
Any security capability is inherently only as secure as the other systems
it trusts. The BeyondCorp project helped Google clearly define
and make access decisions around the platforms we trust, shifting
our security strategy from protecting services to protecting trusted platforms.
Previous BeyondCorp articles discussed the tooling Google uses to
confidently ascertain the provenance of a device, but we have not yet covered
the mechanics behind how we trust these devices.
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How a Book Warehouse is Changing Columbia’s Library System - Columbia Daily Spectator
Walking through the stacks of ReCAP is an uncanny experience: It’s like being inside the creation of an alien to whom the concept of a library has been thoroughly described, but who has never actually been in one, as the saying goes. The books are on shelves, but they’re all arranged so that their covers, rather than their spines, are facing outward. The 20 million volumes have been organized, yes, but by physical size, not subject matter. Most of the books are not even in physical reach—the aisles stretch 30 feet high. Employees use forklifts to get orders off the shelves.
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“We gained access to 7 million items. It’s amazing,” Ann Thornton, university librarian and vice provost at Columbia, exclaims. “It took us over 100 years to build up a collection of 13 million, and then we got seven million overnight.”

But the fanfare accompanying this massive growth in the libraries’ size has been absurdly limited, consisting of a single CUL press release. Thornton acknowledges this paltry recognition, mumbling, “And it’s like nobody noticed!”
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The preservation of library serendipity may seem like a trifle. But it’s not inconsequential: It cuts to the core of recent changes to the discovery of knowledge. The erosure of serendipity is the retreat of an entire analog way of learning, in which the “inefficient” way can often be the most productive. In its place, we are getting an entirely new method of discovering books, with its own advantages and disadvantages.
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Brazilian women mobilise against 'misogynist' far-right candidate | World news | The Guardian
[brazil, 600,000 members on Facebook in 24 hours]
Motta is one of more than 2.5 million women who have joined a Facebook campaign designed to stop Bolsonaro in his tracks in recent days. Ludimilla Teixeira, a 36-year-old advertising executive, said she had founded the group – Mulheres Contra Bolsonaro or Women Against Bolsonaro – on 30 August as a platform to coordinate protests against politicians peddling “misogynist, prejudiced and truly fascist” ideas. Within 24 hours it had accumulated 600,000 members.
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