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Pouchography, CT, and MRI Features of Ileal J Pouch-Anal Anastomosis : American Journal of Roentgenology : Vol. 187, No. 6 (AJR)
Small Bowel Obstruction - CT Scan See Figure 5 a and b.
Small-bowel obstruction is the most frequent complication of pouch-anal anastomosis, with the obstruction point classically on the ileostomy closure site and in the small bowel distal to it. Small-bowel obstructions are reported to occur in 33% of patients, with most of these obstructions occurring more than 30 days after ileostomy closure [2]. Most of these obstructions are caused by postoperative adhesions, strictures, and small-bowel volvulus. Surgical intervention is usually necessary, and CT examination can help identify the small-bowel obstruction site (Figs. 5A and 5B)
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12 weeks ago by negril
Truth About Soil-Based Probiotics
"The problem with nearly ALL probiotic food products is the strains inside them. They are nearly always of the transient variety, meaning they pass through your intestinal tract WITHOUT taking up residence and don’t provide therapeutic or long-term value beyond their consumption. Being extra sensitive to temperature, air and stomach acid and other factors—they either die or pass through digestion without ever taking hold.

Resident-forming probiotic strains, on the other hand, will travel all the way to the lower intestine, where they come alive. Like a seed, warm temperatures and moisture stimulate germination. Soil-based probiotics are well-adapted to the environment of the gut, and have been shown to remain in the digestive tract where they can provide long term benefit."
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october 2017 by jaypcross
The Problem With Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) As Probiotics
Yikes. This is either self-serving BS or horrifyingly plausible. Or both: "Even though soil probiotics serve as natural inoculation when ingested, this does not make them appropriate strains for probiotic supplements. Now that our gut microbiomes are less familiar with SBOs (due to a decrease in exposure), and most of our gut microbiomes are compromised, they can compete with our resident gut flora rather than complement them. In some instances, SBOs can become pathogenic, and this scenario is more likely when an individual has dysbiosis or a microbial imbalance."
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october 2017 by jaypcross
Intestinal Obstruction - had 4th bowel can I prevent future bowel obstructions?
40 Answers (question resolved) - Posted in: intestinal obstruction, pain, doctor - Answer: I have been down your road--4 obstructions, 3 ...
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october 2016 by nharbour
Noodles on a Low-Residue Diet | Healthy Eating | SF Gate
You can eat noodles while following a low-residue diet, but you'll need to be mindful of your portion size and the type of noodle that you choose. Following a low-residue diet involves ...
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october 2016 by nharbour

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