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RPO football, explained by 12 coaches: The run/pass option’s future -
Here’s a free coaching clinic on where it came from, how hard it is to stop, and what’s next.
sbnation  rpo 
december 2018 by lendamico
Why the high school triple option is still alive and well -
“It’s not as hard to put in as it is to stop,” says one advocate coach.
sbnation  option 
december 2018 by lendamico
Army vs. Navy: Football’s most fascinating 12-month chess match -
How do you prepare for a team that looks like you and runs the same triple option offense, knowing it’s also doing the same?
army-navy  sbnation  option 
december 2018 by lendamico
Joe Moorhead explains what makes the Mississippi State offense so dangerous -
Joe Moorhead’s offensive system is all the proof you need that he can thrive in Starkville and take on the SEC West.
joe-moorhead  sbnation 
july 2018 by lendamico
Penn State football 2018 preview: A fun chapter begins -
The Nittany Lions have one of the best QBs in the country and a favorable schedule. You can do some damage with that combo.
bill-connelly  penn-state  sbnation 
july 2018 by lendamico
Crooked Letters
Inside the NCAA's years-long, twisting investigation into Mississippi football
ole-miss  NCAA  stephen-godfrey  sbnation 
june 2018 by lendamico
Vox Media Laying Off Around 50 Staffers
Jeremy Barr/Hollywood Reporter, Feb. 21, 2018.
vox  voxmedia  sbnation 
april 2018 by markcoddington
LSU vs. Ole Miss: Ed Orgeron doesn’t like the Rebels. He shouldn’t. -
The former Rebels head coach makes his first return to Oxford since becoming the head coach of the Tigers.
ed-orgeron  lsu  ole-miss  sbnation  @instapaper 
october 2017 by lendamico
NFL ratings are down because teams have no incentive to be good -
The simpler and also boring systemic problem with the NFL that might actually explain something is its success, and how that success made the ownership class in the NFL fat, lazy, and locked into a business model they have no real reason or incentive to change, even with falling TV ratings.
@instapaper  nil  sbnation  spencer-hall 
september 2017 by lendamico
The oral history of Boise State | The 2017 college football season preview
How could this team of two-stars and former walk-ons have physically dominated a team with title aspirations?
boise-state  sbnation  @instapaper 
august 2017 by lendamico
Coach O tells the story of landing the LSU job | The 2017 college football season preview
LSU lost an important game it had no business trailing in, and Orgeron’s shot was done. Eight days later, he got the job.
lsu  ed-orgeron  sbnation  @instapaper 
august 2017 by lendamico
Is Fleck the next Harbaugh? | The 2017 college football season preview
"I’m not here to ruffle any feathers. I’m just here to run a program and do it in a first-class fashion that promotes the University of Minnesota and gets us the most exposure we possibly can."
pj-fleck  sbnation  @instapaper 
august 2017 by lendamico
The Future of Football
"If — and it is a huge if — football will survive, then its revamp should start simple. Those who want football to continue in one form or another should think of the basic building blocks of football itself as changeable, updatable programming. They should start at the grassroots of the sport to affect the largest number of possible teams and games and leagues playing the sport. They should think about the nature of the game itself, and how to keep as much of it as possible without leaning into the excesses of football as it is currently played."
football  nfl  2017  sbnation 
august 2017 by handcoding

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