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Portrait and biographical record of Montgomery, Parke and Fountain counties, Indiana
p. 312
Portrait and biographical record of Montgomery, Parke and Fountain counties, Indiana: containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens : together with biographies and portraits of all the presidents of the United States
Chapman Brothers
Chapman Bros., 1893, 718 pages
William Sayers was three times married. His second wife was Margaret Cooper, and his third wife, to whom he was married in Fountain County in 1845, was Rachel Crane. He had a numerous family of children, as follows: Lloyd, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1819, married Rhoda Coen, and died at their residence in Pleasant Hill in 1846; Rachel, born in Pennsylvania in 1821, and now the wife of Hon. Isaac M. Coen, a farmer of Fountain County, who was elected to the Indiana Legislature by the Republican party in 1856, and served two terms, but is now deceased
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Beckwith, H. W. History of Fountain County, Indiana. Chicago: HH Hill, 1881, p. 268. His father, John Coen was born in Steuben Co Ohio. Has marriage date for John Coen and Asenath Mills. 
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