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Saudi Arabia's Ambitious Economic Overhaul Hinges On Reducing Its Oil 'Addiction' : NPR
Engineers follow the journey of every drop of crude from the moment it is extracted, sent through pipelines and onto ships bound for overseas customers. Aramco officials say 4.5 terabytes of data are received every second from sensors strategically placed throughout the kingdom.
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World Cup Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia Spread and Prediction
Uruguay came out on top when they played against Egypt in the opener. They will now face their easiest task in the group, when they will clash against Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia looked pretty tired and really uninspired in the premiere. They finally met a tragic loss to Russia and will now face a very […]

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FIFA  World  Cup  Predictions  and  Odds  Soccer  Uruguay  vs  Saudi  Arabia  Prediction  Spread 
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World Cup Russia vs Saudi Arabia Spread and Prediction
The time has come for the World Cup to finally begin. After four years of anticipation, the world’s biggest international competition is finally upon us. Hosts Russia will now try to live up to the expectations, when they will play host to Saudi Arabia on Thursday. Saudi Arabia are seemingly the weakest team in the […]

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FIFA  World  Cup  Predictions  and  Odds  Soccer  Russia  vs  Saudi  Arabia  Prediction  Spread 
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In newspaper Arab News on ’s influence in ’s elections
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Saudi Arabia Suffers Shock Collapse In Inward Investment - Forbes
Funny how that happens when you arrest and blackmail your businessmen.
14 days ago by arabist
RT : Charges leveled at - much like the detained feminists in Arabia -included being “spies” and ac…
Saudi  FeministFive  from twitter
5 weeks ago by kcarruthers
RT : The equating of feminism with treason in these latest arrests of activists in Arabia is reminiscent of the a…
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5 weeks ago by kcarruthers
RT : Detained feminists & women’s rights activists who’ve long peacefully advocated for end of driving ban & of g…
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5 weeks ago by kcarruthers
RT : This is insane. We absolutely have a policy and it's not about or , it's about preventing the prolifera…
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Banks Forced Into Qatar-Saudi Feud
JPMorgan, Chase pull out of Qatar bond release, citing Saudi pressure
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7 weeks ago by elijahz
YouTube publishes deleted videos report - BBC News
YouTube publishes deleted videos report
YouTube's first three-monthly "enforcement report" reveals the website deleted 8.3 million videos between October and December 2017 for breaching its community guidelines.
The figure does not include videos removed for copyright or legal reasons.
Sexually explicit videos attracted 9.1 million reports from the website's users, while 4.7 million were reported for hateful or abusive content.
Most complaints came from India, the US or Brazil.
YouTube said its algorithms had flagged 6.7 million videos that had then been sent to human moderators and deleted.
Of those, 76% had not been watched on YouTube, other than by the moderators.
The company told the BBC it stored a data "fingerprint" of deleted videos so that it could immediately spot if somebody uploaded the same video again.
In March, YouTube was criticised for its failure to remove four propaganda videos posted by the banned UK neo-Nazi group National Action.
Giving evidence to the UK's Home Affairs Committee, the company's counter-terrorism chief, William McCants, blamed human error for the delay in removing the videos.
But Yvette Cooper MP said the evidence given was "disappointing", "weak" and looked like "a failure to even do the basics".
The company has also been criticised for using algorithms to curate its YouTube Kids app for children. Inappropriate videos have repeatedly slipped through the net and appeared on YouTube Kids.
YouTube will let people track their reports
The report does not reveal how many inappropriate videos had been reported or removed from YouTube Kids.
YouTube also announced the addition of a "reporting dashboard" to users' accounts, to let them see the status of any videos they had reported as inappropriate.
Top 10 countries flagging videos
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