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Turkey releases passport scans of men it says were involved in journalist’s killing • Washington Post
Souad Mekhennet and Kareem Fahim:
<p>Turkish officials have provided The Washington Post with scans of passports that they say were carried by seven men who were part of a Saudi team involved in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2.

These passport scans add to the information made public by Turkey as it seeks to fill out the narrative of what happened to Khashoggi, a Post contributor who vanished after entering the consulate to obtain a document he needed for his upcoming wedding.

The Post is publishing the passport scans but obscuring the faces and names of the men because it has not independently verified their identities.

Within days of Khashoggi’s disappearance, Turkish investigators said they had pieced together most of the mystery, concluding that he had been killed inside the consulate and dismembered.

Turkey said a 15-member team dispatched from Saudi Arabia played a role in the killing. Turkish officials have confirmed that the 15 names reported in the Turkish media are those of the suspected team members, and their alleged involvement is part of the evidence cited by Turkey that Saudi Arabia was responsible for Khashoggi’s death.</p>

Turkey's playing an interesting game here. "Sources close to the investigation" have also released security camera footage, which claims to show a big people carrier with blacked-out windows leaving the consulate and then arriving at the consul's home.

Turkey knows it can make Saudi Arabia uncomfortable, and embarrass the US if Trump says it's fine, and then it releases video or audio. Saudi Arabia knows this; the US knows it. Turkey can keep dripping out this stuff for ages, to keep the story in the headlines.

So what does Turkey want in exchange for not doing this? Something political, of course. But what?
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2. " money is a mainstay of activities at many Washington , whose researchers and associates provi…
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BREAKING: CNN Reporting that Arabia will issue Report on :
1-Acknowledging death
2-Result of In…
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How much damage can Saudi Arabia do to the global economy? | World news | The Guardian
He said Riyadh was weighing up 30 measures designed to put pressure on the US if it were to impose sanctions over the disappearance and presumed murder of Jamal Khashoggi inside the country’s Istanbul consulate. These would include an oil production cut that could drive prices from around $80 (£60) a barrel to more than $400, more than double the all-time high of $147.27 reached in 2008.
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