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Running Satyr by *fluffy-sama on deviantART
A decent picture of my intended character for S. John Ross' Uresia campaign.
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september 2013 by jcfiala
Monokrom: Satyr
From the site: “No straight lines. A text face cannot stray far from convention and still remain usable — a book face even less so. Yet even within these constraints Satyr manages to bring something entirely new to the table. It contrasts convex with concave curves, sculpting letterforms instead of adhering to the traces of a physical tool. Satyr is complimented by Faunus, intended for larger sizes. Designed by Sindre Bremnes, Satyr is a typeface optimised for continuous texts printed on paper. The base design is intended for 9–12 points.”
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december 2012 by splorp

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