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An Electric Vehicle Conversion in a Garden Shed - YouTube
nicely produced, end to end summary of EV conversion project in 10 min video
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10 days ago by negril
Saturn's Rings May Have Formed Relatively Recently, Scientists Say : NPR
The rings are likely only 10 million to 100 million years old, according to a newly published report in the journal Science that's based on findings from NASA's Cassini probe.
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5 weeks ago by javagar
How old are ’s rings?

Data from suggest they’re younger than the planet, forming 10–100 mill…
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5 weeks ago by hillary
RT : We’re seeing ’s rings at just the right time. Scientists estimate that this spectacular phenomenon is no mor…
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9 weeks ago by rickc57
We’re seeing ’s rings at just the right time. Scientists estimate that this spectacular phenomenon is no mor…
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9 weeks ago by mellowfish
RT : The surprising 2,5 km tall vertical structure in 's B are material accumulation due to some
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october 2018 by synchromesh
RT : Cassini's final view of .

Captured one year ago today.

We miss you ❤️😢
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september 2018 by 555nick

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