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A new fleet of satellites is detecting human rights abuses from space - Hack - triple j
The satellites have resolution of about 30cm per pixel, meaning each pixel of an image shows 30cm on the ground. That's detained enough to be able to pick out people, or to tell which way a car is driving from the direction of its windshield.

Despite this coverage, satellites rarely capture the moment of an atrocity - normally it's images immediately before and immediately after.

That means satellite images are only as good as the analyst.
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Global Monitoring - Every Square Meter, Every Hour
Detect changes, gain insights and make better decisions.
ICEYE provides broad access to timely and reliable radar satellite imaging for a variety of industries.
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PwC Exec: Companies Aren't Aware of Their Vulnerability to Cyber Threats - Via Satellite -
“Intercepting uplink or downlink transmissions that carry Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams or payloads is certainly feasible,” he adds. “Nation states have developed satellites that can park themselves in close proximity of another satellite, and interfere with Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TTC) uplinks and downlinks. Now, that may not directly equate to a cyber exploit, but if I can insert myself into the uplink or downlink, I can certainly start manipulating the data payloads they carry.”
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