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FCC fines Swarm $900,000 for unauthorized smallsat launch - Dec 2018 Dec 2018
Swarm Technologies will pay $900,000 to settle an investigation by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission into the startup’s launch of four picosatellites on an Indian rocket this January without regulatory approval, the FCC announced Dec. 20.
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25 days ago by pierredv
FCC slams spaceflight company with $900,000 fine over illegal satellite launch - The Verge
Space startup Swarm Technologies, which launched four tiny satellites without government approval earlier this year, has agreed to pay $900,000 to the US Treasury for the unauthorized flight. The fine is part of a settlement with the Federal Communications Commission, which investigated the incident.
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26 days ago by loisaidasam
Will Software-Defined Satellites Take Off? - NSR Nov 2018
"... new architectures, multiple forms of heightened risk taking, and adoption of low or no heritage technologies. SES is pushing this process even further with proposals for a standard-build, software-defined satellite that could be purchased off the shelf for use in any orbital slot by any operator. Yet, with buy-in needed from both manufacturers and competing operators, will the idea take off?"

"The ability to change frequency bands, coverage areas, power allocation, and architecture (widebeam vs HTS, for example) on-demand, at any point in satellite lifetime, enables an operator to capture diverse markets. It can address new applications as they emerge, compensating if the initial target market falters, or more simply respond to a rebalancing of demand. Standard-build satellites also add flexibility to an operator’s fleet, making satellites interchangeable in the case of anomaly or shifting priorities."

"as is the case with any generalist/specialist tradeoff, a standard-build satellite will be able to address a broader overall array of demand but might not address individual markets as competitively as a tailored satellite."

"not only are standard-build/software-defined satellites on the table, but very high throughput satellites (e.g. ViaSat-3), smallsats in GEO (e.g. Astranis), condosats (e.g. GeoShare), blended GEO/MEO/LEO constellations, and in-orbit servicing and assembly, amid other budding ideas, are feasible pathways as well"

"While this cost and risk must be resolved, in principal standard-build satellites dovetail with what manufacturers have been considering for years: standardization as a way to cut costs and reduce production timelines."
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8 weeks ago by pierredv
Database of satellite positions and brightness, including sky charts.
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10 weeks ago by bezthomas
Current NORAD Two-Line Element Sets
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11 weeks ago by sushidub

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