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Non-GEO Constellations: Surviving the Disruption - Northern Sky Research - May 2018
"The main industry segments most affected by Non-GEO constellations are HTS Communications, IoT and Earth Observation (EO). Each of these segments presents its own set of challenges and therefore different barriers to success. NSR’s Satellite Constellations: A Critical Assessment report investigates for the first time what guarantees success for LEO constellations within these three segments and the associated disruption on the industry."

"higher revenue requires a higher market share, which further requires low latency and higher coverage. That is the main value proposition of mega-constellations. However, the bigger the constellation, the higher the capital investment needed, and the higher the complexity of manufacturing with (because of their architecture) higher replenishment cost."

"The new Non-GEO constellations are expected to cause the biggest disruption in the HTS segment, conspicuously in Consumer Broadband and Backhaul/Enterprise verticals."

"these new LPWAN IoT constellations, despite offering the highest innovative disruption value, are not likely to have a significant impact on the overall satellite industry - financially, contributing just over 2% of overall NGEO revenues by 2027."

"A combination of low revenues and insufficient market capture will restrain at least one EO constellation from closing its business case."
NSR  market-research  satellite  space  business  LEO  NGSO  IoT  EO  EarthObservation 
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BridgeSat Laser Terminals to Connect Iceye’s Microsat Constellation - Via Satellite - May 2018
BridgeSat has announced a set of agreements to provide space laser terminals and data services to Iceye, a commercial microsatellite Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) constellation. BridgeSat’s low-cost terminals and associated ground services give businesses and government agencies an alternative to traditional Radio Frequency (RF) solutions for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) applications.
ViaSatellite  BridgeSat  Iceye  optical  satellite 
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Iridium breaks Inmarsat monopoly on maritime safety communications -
"The UN certified Iridium Communications to provide Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) services, ending Inmarsat’s monopoly on the internationally required service for ships"

"The International Convention of the Safety of Life at Sea treaty requires ships of 300 gross tonnage or more have GMDSS equipment onboard for international trips. Inmarsat had been the sole provider of GMDSS equipment since 1999.

Iridium said it expects to begin GMDSS service in 2020."
SpaceNews  Iridium  satellite  space  maritime  GMDSS 
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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches 10 more Iridium NEXT satellites into orbit - CBS News Mar 2018
"the fifth batch in a $3 billion 81-satellite constellation"

"66 of the 1,896-pound [860 kg] satellites operating in six orbital planes are required to complete the Iridium NEXT network. The company plans to eventually launch 15 in-orbit spares, using SpaceX to put 75 of the 81 planned satellites into orbit at a cost of more than $500 million"

"SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket streaked away from California early Friday, boosting the fifth set of 10 Iridium NEXT relay stations into orbit,"

"The new spacecraft feature a phased-array antenna that can generate 48 beams over a footprint 3,000 miles across"

"Iridium NEXT satellites, designed by the European aerospace giant Thales Alenia Space and built by Orbital ATK in Arizona, feature a different design that will not routinely result in flares"
CBSNews  Iridium  ThalesAlenia  OrbitalATK  launch  SpaceX  antennas  satellite  space 
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ALCAN Systems : Communication is the key
phased array satellite broadband antenna, similar to kymeta (including using LCD production lines for manufacturing)
phased  array  antenna  satellite  telecommunications  hardware  electronics  devices 
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Satellite Turla: APT Command and Control in the Sky - Securelist
TBS-6922SE PCIe card for receiving DVB-S channels

The TBS card is particularly well-suited to this task because it has dedicated Linux kernel drivers and supports a function known as a brute-force scan which allows wide-frequency ranges to be tested for interesting signals. Of course, other PCI or PCIe cards might work as well, while, in general the USB-based cards are relatively poor and should be avoided.
apt  cybersecurity  satellite  bgp  attribution 
3 days ago by bwiese
Eutelsat Does the Math on Reducing Future Satellite Costs - Dec 2015
"The total capital cost of placing a telecommunications satellite into geostationary orbit is made up of the satellite’s construction, accounting for 50 percent of the total; 30 percent for the launch vehicle; and the rest reserved for insurance charges and diverse expenses."

"[Eutelsat said] it must reduce its satellite costs — construction, launch, insurance and ground segment — to 1 million euros ($1.1 million) per gigabit per second of throughput."
SpaceNews  satellite  space  business  Eutelsat 
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Spaceflight - Schedule and Pricing
Payload Type 50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg 300kg
PRICE-LEO $1,750 $3,950 $4,950 $5,950 $7,950
PRICE-GTO $4,600 $8,400 $9,800 $11,200 $14,000
satellite  launch  business 
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How Much Do Satellites Cost? - How Satellites Work | HowStuffWorks
"Launching a single satellite into space can cost anywhere between $10 million and $400 million, depending on the vehicle used."
satellite  business 
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How Much Does It Cost to Launch a Satellite? Motley Fool June 2016
"ULA says that a "lower-end mission," carrying perhaps 4.75 metric tons aboard one of its Atlas V rockets costs $164 million, while launch costs across its entire fleet average $225 million. (Maximum payload: 8.9 tons.)"
"Ariane 62, designed to launch 5-ton scientific satellites into GTO, is targeting a launch cost of $77 million. Ariane 64, a heavy-lift rocket capable of hoisting two 5-ton satellites into space simultaneously, similar to Boeing's plan, would cost $126 million per launch -- or just $63 million per satellite delivered."
"new and improved Falcon 9 rocket as capable of delivering 5.5 metric tons of cargo to GTO for just $62 million, or up to 8.3 tons for a higher price."
satellite  launch  business  business-model  ULA  Arianespace  SpaceX 
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