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NSR Report: Earth Observation Markets to Generate $54 Billion in Revenue by 2027 - NSR, Oct 2018
"NSR’s Satellite-Based Earth Observation (EO), 10th Edition report, released today, projects Earth Observation satellite data and services will represent a $54 billion cumulative opportunity over the next ten years, growing to $6.9 billion annually in 2027"

"The market’s evolution toward more on-demand data and services will be driven by satellite constellations, high-volume imagery platforms, and subscriptions"

"As the EO industry continues to shift from imagery to insights, ... a greater opportunity for downstream Information Products and Big Data analytics, than for the sale of data."

"the market is expected to face aggressive consolidation"
NSR  EO  remote-sensing  EarthObservation  satellite  business  market-research  data-analytics  analytics 
9 hours ago by pierredv
Seven Square Miles, as Captured on Google Earth - The Atlantic
snapshots from Google Earth, all rectangles of the same size and scale, approximately three and a half miles (5.6 kilometers) wide by two miles (3.2 kilometers) tall—showing seven square miles (18.1 square kilometers, or 4,480 acres) of the surface of our planet in each view
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12 hours ago by danroc
C-band Spectrum Reallocation: Too Lucrative to Ignore? - NSR Oct 2018
"While various countries have already implemented several measures to either purchase or forcefully take the band from satellite operators and auction off to telecom operators, the case in U.S. has been more uncertain until last year."

"The majority rights holders to 3.7-4.2 GHz of spectrum in the U.S. are Intelsat and SES, two major, global satellite operators in terms of in-orbit satellites and transponders leased. They account for almost ~90% of the U.S. C-band spectrum and service various cable customers across the U.S. for video distribution. However, with spectrum rights expected to expire in mid 2020s and YoY performance on the C-band U.S. business declining fast"

"with the new compression HEVC using DVB-S2X, almost all video distribution channels could fit in under 30% of Ku-band satellite capacity."
NSR  satellite  cellular  C-band  Intelsat  SES 
5 days ago by pierredv
Does the satellite industry have antenna deficit disorder? - Oct 2018
"To connect the masses, megaconstellations will need mega antennas mega cheap. Antenna makers need mega orders to make that happen."

David Hartshorn: “There are business plans, big ones, hanging out there that depend if not entirely then at least to a very large extent on the availability of high-performance, low-cost, high-volume, low-profile antennas,”

"Northern Sky Research expects companies to ship 1.8 million flat panel antennas between now and 2027 with revenues topping $8 billion for the decade."

"For years, antenna manufacturers have produced high-performance alternatives to gimbaled parabolic antennas pointed at geostationary communications satellites. Price tags range from a few thousand dollars to $250,000 depending on the application."

"To work with low Earth orbit constellations, the antennas need to track two or more satellites simultaneously — something parabolic dishes can’t do. They also need to be small and durable, prevent signal interference, instantly find satellites and secure links, degrade gracefully and have great signal efficiency.

“It turns out that according to the laws of physics, you cannot do all those things at the same time,” said Ralph Brooker, president of SatProf"

John Finney, Isotropic: “What OneWeb wants in terms of target price is in the very low hundreds of dollars. We see a way to get there.”
satellite  constellations  antennas  NGSO  SpaceNews  business  NSR 
5 days ago by pierredv
History of the formerly top secret KH-9 Hexagon spy satellite
"...the last film based reconnaissance camera, ... was known by experts in the field as “the most complicated system ever put up in orbit.” It provided important intelligence for the United States government and was the reason that President Nixon was able to sign the SALT treaty, and when President Reagan said “Trust but Verify” it provided the means of verification. Each satellite weighed 30,000 pounds and carried two cameras thereby permitting photographs of the entire landmass of the earth to be taken in stereo. Each camera carried up to 30 miles of film for a total of 60 miles of film. Ultra-complex mechanisms controlled the structurally “wimpy” film that traveled at speeds up to 204 inches per second at the focal plane and was perfectly synchronized to the optical image."
satellite  surveillance  camera  SALT_Treaty  Nixon  Regan  film  imaging  Earth  security 
6 days ago by Tonti
Antenna builder ThinKom makes push for constellation market - Oct 2018
"ThinKom tested a phased array antenna with SES in August, practicing links with O3b satellites in medium Earth orbit as they rose over the horizon and then tracking them for 30 minutes each.

"Last month, ThinKom and Telesat announced plans to test an antenna with a Telesat prototype satellite in low Earth orbit (LEO) and to collaborate on business-grade terminals for Telesat’s planned 120-satellite LEO constellation. "

"The absence of such flat-panel antennas, as constellations start launching and high-throughput geostationary satellites grow in number, has satellite operators “all pretty much desperate to see somebody bring a solution to market,” according to Chris Quilty, president of Quilty Analytics. "

"ThinKom is best known for its ThinAir Ku3030 antennas that inflight connectivity provider Gogo builds into its 2Ku airplane Wi-Fi terminals. ... Bill Milroy, ThinKom’s chairman and chief technical officer, said his company intends to use the same phased array technology it has used for antennas on aircraft "

"SES is attempting to cultivate commercially viable flat-panel antennas for O3b mPower, its next-generation constellation, having contracted with Viasat, Alcan Systems and Isotropic Systems last year to build electronically steered antennas. "

"ThinKom’s approach differs from SES’s other three partners in that its antennas don’t use electronic steering, despite being relatively flat. The aeronautical antenna it is testing with SES is 20 centimeters thick and uses mechanical systems to track satellites. "

"Whereas a ThinKom antenna requires around half a second to switch satellites, an electronically steered antenna has the potential to switch in microseconds"

"ThinKom is targeting $10,000 for enterprise, or business-grade, terminals. ... For consumer terminals, ThinKom is targeting “sub-$1,000” prices."
ThinKom  SES  MEO  NGSO  satellite  antennas  Telesat  O3b  LEO 
6 days ago by pierredv
SES’s future GEO satellites will be more like O3b, CEO says -
SES は衛星オペレーターからネットワークプロバイダーになろうとしていると。
satellite  business 
8 days ago by summerwind
Report of the DSLWP-B Amateur observations of the Moon and Earth – Daniel Estévez
Report of the DSLWP-B Amateur observations of the Moon and Earth
The Chinese microsatellite DSLWP-B has been in lunar orbit since 25 May 2018. This satellite carries an Amateur radio payload which includes a small 640×480 CCD camera. The JPEG images taken by the camera can be transmitted using the SSDV protocol at 125 bits per second in the 70cm Amateur satellite band.

Update 17:00 UTC: Wei comments that the camera sensor is CMOS, not CCD, and it has 2592×1944 pixels. The image is r...
hamradio  satellite  china  中国  technology 
10 days ago by dcowhig
LeoSat and partners put satellites on a diet - Oct 2018
"“If we can get the number of required launches down from 14 to seven or from 12 to six, we could make savings that take the $3.5 billion plus down to close to $3 billion,” Rigolle said. “If the per unit cost of building the satellites could be pushed down by a few million a piece, it chips at the cost and improves the total viability of the project.”"
LeoSat  business  satellite  SpaceNews  NGSO  constellation 
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