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Iridium set for service relaunch after $3bn investment in new satellites
satellite  2019  iridium 
2 days ago by stevesong
Connected Buses & Trains: In the Express Lane? - NSR
"NSR’s recently published report, Land Mobile via Satellite, 6th Edition found total retail revenues for connected vehicles in 2027 will exceed $650 million, with 32% driven by trains and 45% by buses, indicating significant demand driven by intercity passenger journeys. Nearly half of this is derived from equipment revenues, signifying a large ground segment opportunity in this market, which will be almost entirely captured by flat panel antenna (FPA) manufacturers and associated hardware and installation."

"Hispasat, through a partnership with Phasor, have realised this and are trialling connected buses in Latin America, where long distance, intercity bus travel is the norm."
NSR  satellite  business  antennas  market-research  Phasor 
2 days ago by pierredv
Algerie Telecom launching consumer satellite broadband in September
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Africa  Algeria  Algerie  2019  satellite 
5 days ago by stevesong
Satcom in 2019: Leasing vs. Services & the Year Ahead - NSR Jan 2019
"2018 emerged as an understatement compared to the hype generated by satellite operators. Revenue didn’t rebound according to expectations, pricing and backlog both declined across operators, and video finally showed no signs of further growth, as multiple operators posted revenue declines in video even with marginally increasing demand.

"Looking downstream, suffice it to say that service providers had a marquee year, extending growth into crucial aero and consumer broadband segments, with maritime and backhaul a close second."

"Based on strong market forecasts in segments such as Broadband, Aero, and Maritime, global service providers can be expected to approximately double their revenues in the next 4-5 years, considering the current growth strategy, via organic or inorganic means. Lease markets strongly contrast this trend, with most operators expecting a decline in lease revenues in the near to medium term, owing to the latest fleet renewal that cannibalizes legacy FSS fleets on a pricing basis in both video and data verticals."
NSR  satellite  business  market-research 
6 days ago by pierredv
Swarm, after FCC blunder, hires satellite regulatory veteran Kalpak Gude - Jan 2019
"Swarm Technologies, a satellite communications startup infamous for launching four satellites without regulatory approval last year, has hired Kalpak Gude, a well-known spectrum and regulatory expert, to lead its global regulatory activity."

"The FCC fined Swarm $900,000 last month, and stipulated that the startup designate a regulatory compliance director to prevent similar missteps. "
SwarmTechnologies  SpaceNews  FCC  enforcement  satellite  EB 
7 days ago by pierredv
AT&T will not launch any more satellites for DirecTV, Analysys Mason Dec 2018
"AT&T will not launch any more satellites for DirecTV: is the writing on the wall for satellite TV?"

"AT&T’s acquisition was motivated by an appetite for DirecTV’s content rights (notably for National Football League (NFL) American football matches) as much as its subscriber base, but the recent announcement indicates just how quickly the US pay-TV market is evolving."

"One of the reasons why the move to OTT is so rapid in the USA is that traditional pay-TV bundles are expensive. "

"What does this mean for satellite TV providers? Analysys Mason agrees that IP-delivered TV and video services will eventually dominate the market, but it will be a long time before direct-to-home satellite services disappear entirely. "
AnalysysMason  AT&T  satellite  TV  OTT 
8 days ago by pierredv
NSR Report: Satellite Broadband & Enterprise VSAT to Generate $159 Billion in Next Decade - NSR Jan 2019
“Satellite Consumer Broadband is just scratching the surface of the opportunity, capturing less than 1% of the potential addressable market,”

"Even with these measures, data caps are still very restrictive with the current balance between ARPUs and capacity pricing. However, once prices decline below 100 USD/Mbps/Month, data allowances can grow generously, activating demand elasticities."

"At the service level, value is climbing to higher layers, like security or app-specific tools, as connectivity commoditizes."
NSR  satellite  broadband  market-research  press-release  VSAT 
9 days ago by pierredv
Copernicus - Open Access Hub
Complete, free and open access to Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5P user products.
sentinel  sar  satellite 
9 days ago by mjlassila

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