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Writing Maintainable SCSS
Tips for writing easy-to-maintain scss, including advice on naming conventions.
scss  tips  sass  bestpractices  webdev 
2 days ago by angusm
Sass Selectors: To Nest Or Not To Nest?
Should you nest your BEM-style selectors by using & to construct the verbose selectors or not?
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  sass  nesting  bem 
4 days ago by spaceninja
What’s New in Create React App 2.0 Video Series
Earlier this month Create React App 2.0 was released adding a lot of new features. Some of those features include Sass Support, CSS Modules Support, Adding SVGs as React Components, Fragment Short Syntax, and Babel Macros. In this post, I’ll be highlighting the above 5 features.
fridayfrontend  sass  javascript  react  svg  components  cssmodules 
5 days ago by spaceninja

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