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Controlling color with Sass color functions
Articles by thoughtbot about product design, web development, mobile development, and growth.
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3 hours ago by bwll
The Complete Guide To SCSS/SASS
You can’t really appreciate the power of Sassy CSS until you create your first for-loop for generating property values and see its advantages. But we’ll start from basic SCSS principles and build upon them toward the end.
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yesterday by spaceninja
Stepping away from Sass
CSS is moving towards a more content lead spec, as well as CSS grid there is flexbox and sizing properties like min-content, max-content and fit-content as well as future developments like Subgrid from CSS Grid Layout Module Level 2.

All of these features make native CSS much more attractive to work with.
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yesterday by jberkel
Stepping away from Sass
Cathy writes a very informative post about how she's moved away from Sass.
My latest site redesign and why I left out Sass and media queries in favour of native CSS grid, calc, viewport units and custom properties.}

The interesting thing here is that, largely, she says, the knock-on effect was that doing this removed media queries. I'm inspired to see if I could do this on my own blog design and see if you can still retain the necessary subtle design tweaks – which med...
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8 days ago by markboulton
Sass Techniques from the Trenches
Having been in the web development industry for more than 14 years, I’ve seen and written my fair share of good and bad CSS. When I began at Ramsey Solutions five years ago, I was introduced to Sass. It blew my mind how useful it was! I dove right in and wanted to learn everything I could about it. Over the past five years, I’ve utilized a number of different Sass techniques and patterns and fell in love with some that, to steal Apple’s phrase, just work.
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9 days ago by spaceninja

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