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Typeplate » A typographic starter kit encouraging great type on the Web

Typeplate is a “typographic starter kit”. We don’t make aesthetic design choices, but define proper markup with extensible styling for common typographic patterns. A stripped-down Sass or CSS library of your choosing primarily concerned with the appropriate technical implementation of design patterns—not how they look.
typography  design  css  sass  fonts  framework  webdev 
yesterday by exon
(4) Writing Modular CSS With Sass and BEM - YouTube
Created by Tuts+ in association with .net magazine and Creative Bloq.
bem  css  sass  towatch  screencasts 
yesterday by Nooshu
Bourbon - A Lightweight Sass Tool Set
simple and lightweight mixin library for Sass
sass  css 
2 days ago by joem
Beard - Atomic CSS framework
A CSS framework for people with better things to do
framework  sass  tools 
4 days ago by DMisener
SASS for Python
A straightforward binding of libsass for Python.
python  sass  css  package 
6 days ago by brunsnik

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