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Watch and Compile Sass in Five Quick Steps
compile Sass into CSS using the command line
tutorial  sass 
3 days ago by Atelierbram
Prettier · Opinionated Code Formatter
Opinionated code formatter for JS, CSS/Sass, GraphQL, and Markdown.
graphql  sass  javascript 
6 days ago by jonathansick
Corner Ribbons
Got this wonderful idea of these cool corner ribbons and decided to make it ready for use. Custom styles like colors work with simple class changes. F...
banner  sass  ribbons 
7 days ago by pesche
Responsive Typography in SCSS
Making sure your typography is readable on every display is arguably one of the most important aspects of front-end development. If your users can’t read the content on the site, then there is generally no point in having one.

At Liquid Light we’ve developed a mixin that enables you to collate your typography styles into one central location and call on a specific look at any point. It also handles media queries, allowing you to specify different properties at different breakpoints.

Before we dive into the code, below is a summary of what this mixin can and cannot do.
typography  CSS  sass  tutorial 
9 days ago by archangel
Sass Guidelines
An opinionated styleguide for writing sane, maintainable and scalable Sass.
web-design  sass  reference  guidelines  css  web-development  scss  tutorial 
9 days ago by cijanzen
Using Sass’s @error, @warn, and @debug Directives
Programming in a black hole without feedback would be awful. Fortunately, Sass has multiple directives that can send feedback to the compiler to help developers avoid mistakes, maintain standards, and troubleshoot advanced logic. You can use @error, @warn, and @debug to provide time-saving feedback for yourself and for any others who use your code.
sass  css  warn  debug  error 
10 days ago by spaceninja
How to do SASS Grandparent Selectors – Jake Wilson – Medium
Writing your SASS in a nested format is a good practice because of improved project organization and separation of concerns.
10 days ago by siggiarni
How to structure your typography in Sass | Chip Cullen
Some of my guiding principles are: Do the absolute least amount possible; Err on the side of commonality; Make your life as easy as possible;
sass  css  typography  webfonts 
12 days ago by spaceninja
Freebie: Google Material Design Shadow Helper
A LESS CSS mixin for creating box-shadows according to Google’s Material Design style guide
css  sass  less  mixin  google  material  design  cards  shadows 
13 days ago by spaceninja
KSS · Knyle Style Sheets
Documentation for any flavor of CSS that you’ll love to write. Human readable, machine parsable, and easy to remember.
css  documentation  styleguide  comments  sass 
13 days ago by spaceninja

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