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7 Sass techniques to help you write better code · Devbridge
Andrius Juskenas explores seven Sass techniques that will help you write more efficient code.
code  css  framework  sass  webdev 
2 days ago by alienlebarge
Yhat: End-to-End Data Science Platform
ScienceOps eases the handoff from data scientist to developer by making predictive models accessible via REST API requests.

Building models is hard work. Deploying them shouldn’t be.
data-science  machine-learning  sass 
4 days ago by eywu
Sass Guidelines
Guidelines propuestas para escribir buen Sass. Al estilo de CSS Guidelines, pero hablando de temas de cálculos, mixins, extends, etc...
sass  styleguide  reference  css 
4 days ago by gorilas
Smart open source SASS based OOCSS framework built for scale.
css  sass 
4 days ago by groenewege
Flint - A flexible Sass-based grid system built for rapid responsive development
Flint is a highly advanced Sass grid framework designed for rapid responsive development.
sass  grid  framework 
5 days ago by codeyard

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