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Led Home [by letsgogetlost], PG
When Thomas Barrow gives into a weakness, a need to say goodbye [to Lt. Courtenay], a great deal changes, starting with the saving of a life.
DowntonAbbey  ThomasBarrow  EdwardCourtenay  SybilCrawley  SarahO'Brien  CharlesCarson  *injury!fic  *becoming!fic  *friendship  *loyalty  *futurefic  *  *love!fic  °letsgogetlost 
december 2014 by mayachain
Thomas and the Earl of Findlater [by Alex51324], PG-13
Thomas turns out to be an Earl's natural son, O'Brien isn't who he thought she was, and both of their lives change forever.
DowntonAbbey  ThomasBarrow  SarahO'Brien  genfic  *backstory  *notquitethereyet  *futurefic  °alex51324  * 
september 2012 by mayachain

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*  *backstory  *becoming!fic  *friendship  *futurefic  *injury!fic  *love!fic  *loyalty  *notquitethereyet  charlescarson  downtonabbey  edwardcourtenay  genfic  sybilcrawley  thomasbarrow  °alex51324  °letsgogetlost 

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