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Inanities: The beautful game
What’s interesting about Algeria and Egypt is that these are two very similar countries in terms of social identity, religion, economic status, oppression, etc. Which means that the Us vs The Unknown Other – the bogey man - element which is so often a theme in the Egyptian media has been more difficult to manufacture this time. The emphasis has been on the violent history of Egypt vs. Algeria encounters and on the suggestion that “our Algerian brothers” have somehow betrayed their Arab identity.
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november 2009 by moftasa
Christian arrested for holding group prayer in his home
Sharqawy was eventually released on Oct. 29, after signing a written pledge not to hold religious ceremonies or Christian meetings in his house.
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november 2009 by moftasa
Inanities: This page cannot be displayed, you naughty boy.
A hilarious posts that raises deep academic questions: "How much of this antipathy is attributable to deliberate misinformation, and poor education, and media which loves a sensation? Does what is ostensibly over zealous nationalism mask a deep insecurity, even a loss of identity?"
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may 2009 by moftasa
Egyptian Journalist experiences police state first hand at May 4 anti-Mubarak demo | Menassat
The rest of the time we listened to a bored police station employee (his exact job was unclear) hold forth on the press (“I read all the papers but trust [independent daily] El-Masry El-Youm most”) and press criticism of police violations (“Nobody is above criticism. Even doctors make mistakes and should be held to account”).

“The difference is that nobody takes a scalpel out of a doctor's hand while they are in the middle of performing an operation,” someone said, in reference to my camera.

“You're not going to provoke me,” the man replied.
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may 2009 by moftasa
Inanities: Obscenity
Every new crisis, every new tragedy in Egypt is a reprieve, a fresh start, another chance to put things right. It's never taken. Things are always and inevitably ballsed up, and back we are dragged to zero.
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may 2009 by moftasa
Bloggers debate culling Egypt’s pigs - DNE
“Scientific inspections have established that pigs engage in group sex. Unfortunately, this bad habit has also spread in Western society.”
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may 2009 by moftasa
خطف فيليب رزق |
ترجمة لتدوينة سارة كار من مدونة تفاهات عن أحداث يوم خطف فيليب رزق.
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february 2009 by moftasa
Inanities: The kidnapping of Philip Rizk
On Saturday morning, outside the public prosecution office an unpleasant state security officer said to Philip Rizk's father, “rabbina yetamminak” [may God comfort you]. He may of meant this genuinely, but coming from him it sounded like a warning, or a joke.
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february 2009 by moftasa

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