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Yuval Harari's New Book Feeds the Tech Czars' God Complex
What do the most powerful people in the world read? For Donald Trump, the depressing but familiar answer is nothing beyond tweets and headlines.
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june 2017 by therourke
In 1997, scientists found the first scrap of Neanderthal DNA in a fossil.
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february 2016 by therourke
Mystery 'hobbits' not humans like us, study finds - Telegraph
Diminutive humans that died out on an Indonesian island some 15,000 years ago were not Homo sapiens but a different species, according to a study published Monday that dives into a fierce anthropological debate.
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february 2016 by therourke
Water, Blood, and Brimstone
A farewell gift from the swim team stuck Xander in the kiddie pool for life. His life finally intersects with Hellboy, a demon god avoiding destiny. Of course, this is when a hollow-eyed vampire named 17 appears and with him rumblings of the Apocalypse.
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june 2014 by beckswithrecs
Medical Design Technology | The Essential Resource for the Medical Design Engineering Community
Edwards Lifesciences wins expanded approval to market transcatheter aortic valve to lower risk patients.
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october 2012 by Oliverez

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