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Z-Trek Lightweight Sport Sandal - Men - Xero Shoes
From the trail to the city, on water and on land, set your feet free with Z-Trek.
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12 days ago by PBR
Secrets to a Good Life, by rachel4revenge
Slash, with background femslash and het. "Carver is already in a foul mood when he walks into Blackwall and Stroud Artisan Woodworkers, Inc., and the sight that awaits him does little to appease it: the shop is fucking swamped.

A modern AU in which Carver is a gay carpenter with too many things on his plate, including: a matchmaking mother, a twin sister battling leukemia, a job at an aristan carpentry studio, meddling best friends, and fencing classes on the weekends. There's no way he has time for a boyfriend in the middle of all that, even one as cute as Felix Alexius."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Genre.Femslash  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Carver.Hawke  Felix.Alexius  Jean-Marc.Stroud  Blackwall  Merrill  Fenris  Bethany.Hawke  Leandra.Amell  Cullen.Rutherford  Dorian.Pavus  Cole  Gereon.Alexius  Bodahn.Feddic  Sandal  Solas  Sera  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Male.Trevelyan  Alistair  Delrin.Barris  Female.Amell  Anders  Maevaris.Tilani  Female.Adaar  Josephine.Montilyet  Female.Hawke  Isabela  Aveline.Vallen  Donnic.Hendyr  Iron.Bull  Fiona  Danarius  Raleigh.Samson  Zevran.Arainai  Maurevar.Carver  Varric.Tethras  Orana  Female.Hawke/Isabela  Bethany.Hawke/Merrill  Anders/Fenris  Cullen.Rutherford/Dorian.Pavus  Alistair/Female.Amell  Fiona/Gereon.Alexius  Carver.Hawke/Felix.Alexius  200000-249999.words 
july 2016 by settiai
Questions Answered, by delazeur
Het, slash, and threesome. "Caralyn Hawke was willing to take a chance on the last person anybody thought would be good for her. When they were right she tries to get over Fenris by hooking up with that blond-haired stranger Isabela swears she's seen somewhere before."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.NC-17  Female.Mage.Hawke  Alistair  Anders  Fenris  Varric.Tethras  Isabela  Merrill  Meeran  Gamlen.Amell  Leandra.Amell  Bodahn.Feddic  Sandal  Teagan.Guerrin  Bran.Cavin  Nathaniel.Howe  Female.Cousland  Aveline.Vallen  Carver.Hawke  Meredith.Stannard  Cullen.Rutherford  Female.Mage.Hawke/Fenris  Alistair/Female.Mage.Hawke  Anders/Female.Mage.Hawke  Alistair/Anders  Alistair/Anders/Female.Mage.Hawke  150000-199999.words 
june 2016 by settiai

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