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Mountain Gravity Energy Storage: A new solution for closing the gap between existing short- and long-term storage technologies - ScienceDirect
MGES is a sand bucket chairlift style energy storage system, that can also carry up water on the side. Interesting takeaway that pumped hydro systems are limited to 1200m height difference due to excessive hydraulic pressure, but a potential energy system based on hauling solids doesn't face this limitation.
sand  bucket  chairlift  ropeway  tramway  potential  energy  gravity  storage  power  generator 
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Why did oil prices drop so much in 2014?
Learn the roles that decreased global demand, new supply sources in North America, and actions taken by Saudi Arabia played in the 2014 drop in oil prices.
saudiarabia  canada  usa  frak  oil  gas  sand  alberta  investments 
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GIF smoke, cars, driving, drone, fast, drive, auto, machine, drift, bmw, german, sand, stunt, drifting, dust, mud, burnout, namaste car, x4, bmw x4 Giphy ______
smoke  cars  driving  drone  fast  drive  auto  machine  drift  bmw  german  sand  stunt  drifting  dust  mud  burnout  namaste  car  x4  wynajem  samochody  auta 
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3 Types of Compactable Fill
In this week’s blog, we will discuss three different types of compactable fill that are used in construction today.
compactable-fill  fill-dirt  rock-fill  fill-materials  sand  grading  exavation 
6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
‘Black sand’ uncovered on Lake Michigan’s shore | Fox17
The sand is primarily made up of magnetite and hematite, among other heavy trace materials. If you were to take a magnet to the material, it would stick because of its iron quality.

With the higher water, large waves erode dunes around the lake, bringing the lighter sand offshore. The black sand is heavy enough to be left in place, leading to the darkened mass on the shore.

According to Peter J. Wampler, a Grand Valley State University professor in the geology department, the black sand is essentially from the banded iron formation in the Upper Peninsula.

Some of it was ground up by glaciers during the ice ages and was eventually carried down to the lower peninsulas by the glaciers. It is then carried by the many Michigan rivers into the Great Lakes. The lake then put it up into the dunes over the years, only to be eroded out now and placed onto the shore.

As long as the lake levels remain high, you are going to see the black sand. Once the lake levels go down, lighter sand will once again be driven back to bury it.
michigan  lake-michigan  sand 
6 weeks ago by cdzombak

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