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South Bay Circles
South Bay Circles (SBC) is an association of several local groups and covens who come together for the specific purpose of presenting shared ritual celebrations of the Eight Sabbats of the year in the San Francisco South Bay Area.

The Sabbats are the eight points (Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross-quarter days) at which we connect the inner and outer cycles: the interstices where the seasonal, the celestial, the communal, the creative and the personal all meet. As we enact each in its time, we transform ourselves. We are not separate from each other, from the broader world around us: we are one with the Gods.

It is our intention that these gatherings be joyous, fulfilling, and enlightening for all present.

SBC has celebrated every Sabbat since Beltane 1987.

Most of our rituals have a Wiccan flavor, but we’ve been honored to have Druids, Heathens, and Hellenics present rituals with us also.

All kinds of people attend SBC’s events, from longtime experienced Witches, to people completely new to Paganism, and everything in-between. Anywhere from 20 to 70 attendees participate in each SBC ritual. They are open to anyone interested in the Pagan Path.
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Federal law enforcement helping Port of San Diego probe cyberattack
The Port of San Diego is working with the FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security to investigate a cyberattack that crippled some of the port’s computer systems.
The  Port  of  San  Diego  is  working  with  FBI  and  U.S.  Department  Homeland  Security  to  investigate  a  cyberattack  that  crippled  some  port’s  computer  systems  ransomware  identified  as  culprit. 
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San Francisco's Ultimate Date Spots
Let Eater SF guide your way into a one-night stand, a relationship, an anniversary dinner, and everything in between
restaurants  date  ideas  dining  dinner  travel  tips  list  sf  san  francisco 
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The Godfather Restaurant
old restaurant. mike's definition of so cal italian restaurants
restaurants  san  diego  italian 
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