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A live magazine, created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience.
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8 days ago by robnero
Steelmanning The NIMBYs
"Some people really enjoy living in dense cities like San Francisco. Other people, for the reasons listed above, really prefer not to. Many of the people who prefer not to are in San Francisco anyway. I signed up to work in the suburbs, but just before I started, my group begged me to work a few days a week in San Francisco because that was where they needed more doctors. I grudgingly agreed. During my time there, I treated depressed San Francisco residents. One refrain I heard again and again was that they hated living in San Francisco, but had come anyway because their company pressured them, or because their companies would pay them extra, or because that was where all the best jobs in their industry were. These people’s long-term plan was to use San Francisco as a springboard to gain enough money or career capital to be able to achieve their dream of leaving San Francisco. Alon Levy describes the same thing his In The Mines, where he compares the outlook of people moving to San Francisco to that of people working in mines or oil rigs. Nobody likes working in a mine or oil rig. They go there because it pays really well, and if they grin and bear it for long enough, they can pay off their debts or save for the future or do something that allows them to live in a place that isn’t a mine or oil rig. But people have to grudgingly endure poor conditions aboard oil rigs because they’re the only place you can pump oil. Why do they need to grudgingly endure poor conditions in San Francisco?"
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18 days ago by bankbryan
San Francisco shuns Bird and Lime in scooter permit picks - Axios
San Francisco officials on Thursday granted permits to only two companies, Scoot and Skip, for a one-year electric scooter pilot program.

The big lesson: Don't flout regulations. While it worked for ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft a few years ago, city officials are no longer shy about punishing companies that don't play by the rules.
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7 weeks ago by yolandaenoch
Charter school advocates get down and, some say, dirty - Mission Local
Innovate’s damning report about this city’s achievement gap isn’t just visually stunning. It’s also plausible. This city’s failure of its minority communities is not an abstract concept for the parents who attend Innovate rallies and grab the microphone. Innovate founder and CEO Matt Hammer bristles at the notion that the black and Latino parents — and churches — working with his organization and serving as its public face are being paid off. Their concern is real. Their fear and anger are justified.  

It also happens to dovetail with the agenda of a Silicon Valley nonprofit that happens to be funded by big-money players who can be credibly accused of attempting to unmake the public education system.  
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11 weeks ago by tarakc02
Die Weltwoche | Weltwoche Online – Interview of the Week: Peter Thiel:“Hypnotic Mass Phenomena” | Die Weltwoche, Ausgabe 29/2018
"At one point, the wisdom of crowds tips into the madness of crowds"


"Because in a democracy, we believe that the average person should be able to make some judgements: Do you like the funny man with the strange hairdo or do you like the mean grandmother for president in the United States? These are some common sense things that people should be able to debate. And if you say that you are not allowed to think about that, then you probably should not be allowed to think about anything."


"One of the self-descriptions we always have in Europe is that it’s the fear of failure which makes people too risk averse. I wonder if it is actually the opposite, maybe it’s a fear of success. The most important decision in the history of Facebook was that we were offered a billion of dollars in the summer of 2006, and we turned it down. I think if we did it in the European context it would have gotten sold every time. There is something about the social-democratic sensibilities of Western Europe where it is incredibly uncomfortable for people to do too well. In Germany, you have this idea of the Mittelstand companies and then you have the tech start-ups. I am always struck how these things don’t map onto one another at all. The real question should be: How do we get the kind of Mittelstand companies for the 21st century? But somehow, the culture around tech there is more transactional. It’s not the sense of building long-term, permanent businesses. It has more of a cargo-cult-feel, you have the appearance of a company but it is not a real business."
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12 weeks ago by actualitems
Motorcycle parking near 199 Fremont Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
See parking prices/locations for garage & street parking near 199 Fremont Street, San Francisco, CA, USA. Get your best, cheapest, nearest parking options.| Park smart. Save money and time.
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july 2018 by clehene

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