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Calling the Shots
Sam's casual flirting in a bar pushes every button Dean's got and Sam knows it. Dean get's him home and shows him who he really belongs to.
San/Dean  bottom!sam  possessive!dean  toppy!Dean  jealous!Dean  rough  sex  talk 
november 2016 by janicec678
Not usually into bottom!Dean, especially in D/s type stories, but this is a switch up for a jealous, possessive Sam after a night at a bar, and he still has moments of uncertainty in his unfamiliar role. Dean is not complaining. Hot and sweet and loving all at once!
San/Dean  bottom!Dean  light  bondage  D/s  theme  jealous!Sam  possessive!Sam 
may 2016 by janicec678

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bondage  bottom!dean  bottom!sam  d/s  jealous!dean  jealous!sam  light  possessive!dean  possessive!sam  rough  sex  talk  theme  toppy!dean 

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