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Read this Huffpo Korea article(Kor) on , who says covering was more difficult than covering…
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7 days ago by dalcrose
Samsung DeX | Apps - The Official Samsung Galaxy Site
Samsung DeX lets you connect your Galaxy S8 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience powered by your phone.
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12 days ago by arobinski
Samsung hails ‘graphene ball’ battery success • FT
Song Jung-a:
<p>Samsung said the graphene-based battery would take just 12 minutes to be fully charged; current lithium-ion batteries take about an hour. The new battery could also be used for electric vehicles, as it can maintain stability at up to 60 degrees Celsius. 

The company has stepped up its research into battery technology in the wake of last year’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone safety debacle. The recall and subsequent withdrawal of the fire-prone model cost the company more than $5bn, and some of the phones caught fire due to faulty lithium-ion batteries, according to Samsung.

SAIT has developed a way to use silica to synthesise graphene like three-dimensional popcorn, and use the graphene “balls” as material for advanced lithium-ion batteries, the company said. Samsung has applied for patents for the technology in South Korea and the US. 

According to experts, graphene is more energy efficient so it allows room for other cathode materials. As a result, smartphones with graphene-based batteries can be slimmer and lighter but with a greater capacity.</p>
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13 days ago by charlesarthur

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