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University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios
The University of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples (MIS) are created by Lawrence Fritts, Director of the Electronic Music Studios and Professor of Composition at the University of Iowa. Since 1997, these recordings have been freely available on this website and may be downloaded and used for any projects, without restrictions. These are used by musicians, application developers, teachers, students, and researchers. These have been used in over 270 published research articles and books.
audio  music  samples  free 
2 days ago by markogara
Tracks Sampled by Danny Saber | WhoSampled
Tracks Sampled by Danny Saber on WhoSampled. Discover all Danny Saber's music connections, watch videos, listen to music, discuss and download.
samples  research  music 
4 days ago by po
SQL sample data and exercises
sql  learning  tutorial  samples 
6 days ago by cothrun
0Hughman0/Housenet: A simple webapp for sorting some of the niggles of living together
A simple webapp for sorting some of the niggles of living together - 0Hughman0/Housenet
flask  samples 
11 days ago by cothrun
Validating the demographic, political, psychological, and experimental results obtained from a new source of online survey respondents - Alexander Coppock, Oliver A. McClellan, 2019
"Researchers have increasingly turned to online convenience samples as sources of survey responses that are easy and inexpensive to collect. As reliance on these sources has grown, so too have concerns about the use of convenience samples in general and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk in particular. We distinguish between “external validity” and theoretical relevance, with the latter being the more important justification for any data collection strategy. We explore an alternative source of online convenience samples, the Lucid Fulcrum Exchange, and assess its suitability for online survey experimental research. Our point of departure is the 2012 study by Berinsky, Huber, and Lenz that compares Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to US national probability samples in terms of respondent characteristics and treatment effect estimates. We replicate these same analyses using a large sample of survey responses on the Lucid platform. Our results indicate that demographic and experimental findings on Lucid track well with US national benchmarks, with the exception of experimental treatments that aim to dispel the “death panel” rumor regarding the Affordable Care Act. We conclude that subjects recruited from the Lucid platform constitute a sample that is suitable for evaluating many social scientific theories, and can serve as a drop-in replacement for many scholars currently conducting research on Mechanical Turk or other similar platforms."
Survey  experiments  convenience  samples  generalizability 
18 days ago by nedrichards
WOWA | Free do whatever you want Music
Samples to be used freely. Nevertheless: always check the license and origin, especially in Germany.
free  music  samples  sound 
20 days ago by taffit

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