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Another Machine Learning Walk-Through and a Challenge
The most effective way to learn data science is by working through data science projects. In this article, I’ll walk you through another complete problem and leave you with a challenge.
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1 hour ago by grinful
JavaScript client login/logout with auth0
Stores tokens in localStorage.

Not that bad.
auth0  login  sample  code  example 
2 days ago by dandv
Yoga Balls - YouTube
- anti innovation hype ad by FileMaker
studio  sample  inspiration 
3 days ago by renaissancechambara
CTS - conserve the sound
- a German project that preserves what would have been familiar sounds of now obsolete technology. Most are interesting, though the Krups coffee grinder sounds exactly the same as my more modern model
studio  sample  history  consumerelectronics 
5 days ago by renaissancechambara

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