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This Python SAML toolkit provides functionality for creating SAML AuthnRequests which can be sent to an identity provider and for verifying SAML Responses from an identity provider. OneLogin is an example of an identity provider.
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9 hours ago by dagh
When To Use Which (OAuth2) Grants and (OIDC) Flows – Robert Broeckelmann – Medium
"The OAuth2 family of specs define several extension grants (that we explore here) that we will explore when to use in a future post.

We explored relatively generic use cases in my earlier blog posts; it may have left you wondering when each of these mechanisms should be used. When I was first exposed to these concepts several years ago, I struggled with that as well.

So, in this blog post, we are going to explore exactly when each of these should be used — including some instances of where these could be used, but maybe cause more problems then they solve. I covered some of this information in my earlier posts, but that wasn’t the primary focus and the discussion is incomplete.

Another note, worth mentioning, before diving into the details is that most Identity Providers (OAuth2 Authorization Servers and OIDC OpenID Providers) now offer libraries and SDKs that allow this functionality to be used without being aware of all the low-level details. Regardless of whether such a library is available for your IdP, the supported features of your IdP will dictate more than anything else what OAuth2 and OIDC features are used — choose wisely with an understanding of your expected use cases.

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3 days ago by earth2marsh
Setting up SAML for Google Cloud Cloud Identity for Customers and Partners (CICP)
A little under a decade ago I wrote my first SAML IdP for the Google Search Appliance (yeah, that wonderful yellow box!). Since then, that script changed many hands and I’ve resued and adapted as an…
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6 days ago by clehene
lawrencepit/ruby-saml-idp: SAML Identity Provider library in ruby
SAML Identity Provider library in ruby. Contribute to lawrencepit/ruby-saml-idp development by creating an account on GitHub.
saml  ruby  authentication  testing  development 
29 days ago by jabbrwcky
apokalipto/devise_saml_authenticatable: Devise SAML 2.0 authentication strategy
Devise SAML 2.0 authentication strategy. Contribute to apokalipto/devise_saml_authenticatable development by creating an account on GitHub.
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29 days ago by jabbrwcky
SAMLtest is a free SAML 2.0 testing service. We use Shibboleth 3.x as our reference implementation, but you may use any SAML 2.0-compliant provider. Our public providers' logs are displayed so you can diagnose and fix issues with vision from both sides of the transaction.
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4 weeks ago by mdorn

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