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All This Humanity - xylodemon - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Dean takes a deep breath, flexes his hand until the angry itch beneath his skin fades away.
spn  dean/castiel  sam  s10  canondivergence 
3 hours ago by bekap
Home(made) - xylodemon - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Dean can't remember the last time he laughed like this -- really, honestly laughed.
spn  dean/castiel  sam  charlie  s10  family  humour 
3 hours ago by bekap
The first person Jack ever saw was Sam. He is positively convinced that Sam is his father, and no one can get him to change his mind.
fandom:supernatural  sam  dean  jack  castiel  lucifer  season13 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
The Devil’s Gonna Let On That You’re In The Details
Sam and Cas have been hooking up casually for a while when something feels off to Sam. He’s sure it’s just his mind playing tricks on him.
fandom:supernatural  sastiel  samifer  rape/non-con  season11  season12  sam  dean  castiel  lucifer 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
Sam walked in on Gabriel and Rowena and it hasn't turned out well. What will Gabriel do to fix it?
fandom:supernatural  sabriel  cheating  sam  dean  gabriel  castiel  rowena 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
Sam knew Lucifer did a lot of damage to Jack, not just physically.
fandom:supernatural  a/b/o  rape/non-con  underage  omega!sam  omega!jack  alpha!gabriel  alpha!dean  sam  dean  gabriel  jack 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
Special Kinds Of Hugs
Sam was 12 years old when it first happened.
He knew this was something he would remember his whole life, no matter how fast he tried to run from it.

Luc Novak (Lucifer) sexually abuses Sam for years before Luc's little brother, Gabriel, figures out what's wrong and takes the matter into his hands.
fandom:supernatural  rape/non-con  samifer  sabriel  underage  sam  gabriel  lucifer  dean 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
I've Always Known
Nobody's surprised when Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak end up together- they've known they were going to be together since they were toddlers. Sam's fairly certain he knows who he'll end up with too- but Lucifer Novak is much older and probably not interested in him anyway. Right?
fandom:supernatural  a/b/o  samifer  destiel  omega!castiel  omega!sam  alpha!dean  alpha!lucifer  sam  dean  castiel  lucifer 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
Little wolf
Omegas Sam and Dean are sold to Castiel and Gabriel who only want to help them.
fandom:supernatural  a/b/o  rape/non-con  sabriel  destiel  omega!sam  omega!dean  alpha!castiel  alpha!gabriel  sexual-slavery  sam  dean  gabriel  castiel  lucifer 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
Let's Play Pretend Bloody
A shapeshifter decides to wreck one of the Winchesters in retaliation to being hunted in the best way he knows how.
fandom:supernatural  rape/non-con  sam/omc  shapeshifter  bottom!sam  sam 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
In a sudden change, Sam Winchester, few days into Dean’s vacation in Purgatory, ends up back in FBI custody.
fandom:supernatural  fandom:criminalminds  law-enforcement  sam  crossover 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
Unlikely friends
There's a zombie apocalypse in full swing and this time, there's nothing the Winchesters could have done to stop it.

They find themselves walking this new and chaotic version of Earth hoping to make it to the next day. Along the way, they'll meet people who may or may not be able to work with them to overcome the odds and survive the hoards of the undead.
fandom:supernatural  fandom:walkingdead  crossover  sam  dean 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
Sam Winchester is captured and broken in by his new master.
fandom:supernatural  rape/non-con  sam/omc  sexual-slavery  sam 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
untitled (for now)
After Sam is brutally raped and assaulted, Dean doesn't even know where to start healing his broken brother. They figure it out together.
fandom:supernatural  rape/non-con  wincest  sam/omc  sam  dean 
9 days ago by Kleoparda
Time After Time
When Sam finds another 'Hand of God' the brothers might finally have a way to destroy the darkness. However, this involves time travel and as Castiel isn't himself Crowley steps in. As the ritual involves the blood of the youngest, Sam finds himself in Victorian England while Dean waits at home. What neither of them know is Sam is not coming home. Their story is told in a series of postcards and somehow the brothers Winchester keep their brotherly bond alive.
fandom:supernatural  time-travel  bottom!sam  wincest  suicide-attempt  sam  dean 
9 days ago by Kleoparda

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