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Alex Salmond has gone full Trump – and could split the SNP
he has taken every opportunity to promote his personal brand, including presenting The Alex Salmond Show on the Kremlin-funded RT channel.
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Theresa May lays down independence vote challenge to Sturgeon | Politics | The Guardian
PM escalates attacks on SNP demand for greater autonomy after Brexit, throwing down referendum gauntlet [...] The prime minister told the Scottish Conservative party she would fight against any further decentralisation of power which meant the UK became “a looser and weaker union”. “We cannot allow our United Kingdom to drift apart,” she said. In a marked escalation of her attacks on the first minister’s demand for greater autonomy for the Scottish parliament after Brexit, May said there would be a strict limit to any extra powers and spending.

“We must avoid any unintended consequences for the coherence and integrity of a devolved United Kingdom as a result of our leaving the EU,” May told the Scottish Tory conference in Glasgow on Friday. [...] Despite the SNP’s grip on power in Scotland, Downing Street believes Sturgeon is in a weak position on independence. &!
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