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Inbound Marketing & Sales Software
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Analytics API and Customer Data Platform
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5 Things You Need to Stop Doing Immediately to Make More via
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Who Will Sell a Law Firm’s Services? (Perspective) | Big Law Business
While the big accounting firms now use non-partner, non-accountant sales executives, not so long ago they suffered through many of the same debates that have roiled law firms. The arguments are familiar:

• Partners saw the very idea of sales as unprofessional, even smarmy.
• Through their audit work, the accountants earned the trust of their clients who would “always” come back for more.
• Salesmen interfered with the sacrosanct partner-client relationships that had been carefully developed over time.

Those attitudes changed after the Big 4/5 spun off their consulting groups. When they left, the consultants took their existing sales teams with them and the remaining auditors had to build their own. There was some cultural resistance but it proved futile in the face of the proverbial hard-charging sales executives recruited from corporate America. The firms developed new compensation plans. And the Big 4’s partners learned about the pleasures of leveraging contacts and filling pipelines. “We had to change the partnership culture. It was just different and eye-opening,” said one Big 4 veteran. “The question wasn’t: Who was going to deliver the work? With the new sales people, the question was: Who can I call today?”

This only sounds easy. Selling professional services is not simply a matter of reaping the benefits of non-stop entertainment. Tables at Le Bernardin or a box at Wrigley Field have their place. But for the most part clients aren’t looking for a new best friend or a free night out. They want to buy answers to their problems. “We try not to meet to meet,” said one Big 4 sales executive. “Our meetings are less about social interaction and more about the substance of what our firm has to say. We’re trying not to be technicians. We want to be business advisors.”

My bet is that law firms will continue to resist establishing full sales teams. They are expensive and by all accounts culturally challenging. But if they won’t hire sales executives, the ablest firms will embrace the lessons of selling professional services. They are not acts of magic: Understand your clients and their pressure points; persist in your pursuit, ask for business, and don’t faint in the face of the inevitable rejections. This is what the times and the market demand. Firms can either follow that path—or admit that sales are too important to be left to their partners.
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RT RT : Come shop our end of summer sale #…
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How to close more deals with the best sales technique I ever learned | The Blog
When I was 18 years old, I used to think that selling was all about talking. But one day, a successful sales director in my area showed me a sales technique that was so powerful, it completely blew my mind. via Pocket
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How to turn handshakes into and new clients - November 3rd
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