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How to Ask for a Raise - 6 Effective Tips
Everything you need to know about how to ask for a raise. If you don’t, you’re potentially giving up a significant amount of money just to avoid a conversation that could be as short as five minutes.
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3 days ago by enslrhs82
A.I. Researchers Are Making More Than $1 Million, Even at a Nonprofit - The New York Times
People who work at major tech companies or have entertained job offers from them have told The New York Times that A.I. specialists with little or no industry experience can make between $300,000 and $500,000 a year in salary and stock. Top names can receive compensation packages that extend into the millions.
AI  Salary 
4 days ago by dula
What is my day rate? - The Day Rate Calculator from 1tap Receipts
Every freelancer or contractor deals with this question and yet it sometimes feels like plucking a number out of thin air.

This is especially true of freelancers who are moving from a salaried position for the first time, who often end up selling themselves under their market value.
freelance  salary  calculator 
5 days ago by segfault
How to Opt Out of Equifax Revealing Your Salary History — Krebs on Security
Equifax took down their salary portal — a service from the company’s Workforce Solutions division known as The Work Number (formerly “TALX“) — just a few hours after my story went live on Oct. 8. The company explained that the site was being disabled for routine maintenance, but Equifax didn’t fully reopen the portal until Nov. 2, following the addition of unspecified “security improvements.”
equifax  privacy  cybersecurity  security  todo  salary 
6 days ago by bwiese
Advice on Negotiating
Fantastic advice about how to negotiate a raise, a promotion, or compensation for a new job.
negotiation  hiring  interviews  salary  raises  compensation 
7 days ago by spaceninja
Where Software Engineers Earn the Most Money? | Paysa Blog
Software engineers are in high demand these days. Employers can't hire them fast enough and employees are routinely switching companies for higher pay and quality of work. Below we look at our stats for where Software Engineers can earn the most including salary, best paying companies, best cities to work, hiring
salary  job  softwaredevelopment  top  comparison  highest 
7 days ago by lgtout
Quote by Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand some...”
“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
13 days ago by offthree

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