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The Increase | Ignited – Demario Davis
Christian article by Saints linebacker Demario Davis about being ignited.
Saints  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Davis_Demario  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
14 days ago by milligan00
Galgano Guidotti - Wikipedia
The sword in the stone can be seen at the Rotonda at Montesiepi, near the ruins of the Abbey of San Galgano. The handle of a sword protrudes from the ground, and is said to be the sword of San Galgano. An analysis of the metal done in 2001[12] by prof. Garlaschelli confirmed that the "composition of the metal and the style are compatible with the era of the legend". The analysis also confirmed that the upper piece and the invisible lower one are authentic and belong to one and the same artifact.[13]
italy  12th_cent  saints 
24 days ago by benjekman
James the Faster - OrthodoxWiki
On another occasion, James did not flee from his temptation, but rather he fell with a maiden who had been brought by her parents to be cured of her insanity. He indeed healed her, but afterward sinned with her. Then in order to conceal his sin, he killed her and threw her into a river. As is common, the steps from fornication to murder are not very far.
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5 weeks ago by benjekman
definitely won the super bowl this year
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10 weeks ago by jonvoss
The Increase | Higher Stakes – Demario Davis
Christian article by Saints linebacker Demario Davis about higher stakes.
Saints  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Davis_Demario  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
11 weeks ago by milligan00
The Increase | Five Increase Questions with Benjamin Watson
Christian Q & A article with Saints tight end Benjamin Watson about his faith and football.
Saints  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Watson_Ben  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
12 weeks ago by milligan00

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