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How climate change can fuel wars - Heating up
ON THE OUTSKIRTS of Baga Sola, a small town in Chad not far from the border with Nigeria, is a refugee camp called Dar es Salaam. The name means “haven of peace”, but the surrounding area is an inferno of war, spilling across the borders of four countries: Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon.
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6 weeks ago by zesteur
sahelsounds - music and culture from the sahel and sahara
exploration of sound and music in west africa, particularly in the sahel region of mauritania, mali, and niger via filmmaking, field recordings, visual art, mp3 archiving, cellphone data collection, and cross cultural experiments
sahel  africa  sound  music  project  fieldrecording  experimental 
october 2018 by fdedic
The Foreign Legion: another French exception - FRANCE 24
France 24 reporters, Claire Paccalin and Fanny Allard, spoke to Legionnaires at their barracks in France and in Mali where they are part of Operation Barkhane, France’s counter-extremism operation in the Sahel.
government  regions  politics  military  special  forces  foreign  policy  sahel  africa 
july 2018 by asaltydog
The Destabilizing Dangers of U.S. Counterterrorism in the Sahel
This sounds like a terrible idea. Leave it to the French, they know what they're doing.
sahel  terrorism  specialforces 
february 2018 by yorksranter
"Au ,les guerres interminables". Retrouvez notre dernière sur les enjeux de la région dans le…
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december 2017 by ljegou

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