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AV technology must be able to safely interact with people on bikes, on foot - National Association of City Transportation Officials
Last night, an autonomous vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, AZ. We do not know much yet about this incident—which is believed to be the first time someone walking or biking was killed by a vehicle operating autonomously in the U.S.

NACTO is encouraged that the National Transportation Safety Board is sending a team to provide an in-depth, independent assessment of the tragic crash. However, what is already clear is that the current model for real-life testing of autonomous vehicles does not ensure everyone’s safety. While autonomous vehicles need to be tested in real-life situations, testing should be performed transparently, coordinated with local transportation officials, and have robust oversight by trusted authorities.

In order to be compatible with life on city streets, AV technology must be able to safely interact with people on bikes, on foot, or exiting a parked car on the street, in or out of the crosswalk, at any time of day or night. Cities need vehicles to meet a clear minimum standard for safe operations so the full benefits of this new technology are realized on our complex streets. Responsible companies should support a safety standard and call for others to meet one as well.

We cannot afford for companies’ race-to-market to become a race-to-the-bottom for safety.
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3 days ago by mobikefed
On Open Companies, Consent, and Safety (among other things) by Ellen Marie Dash (duckie) | Model View Culture
"Let’s give safety and consent the absolute highest priority, with openness and transparency prioritized explicitly below those. This means digging deep, properly articulating in detail what problems you are trying to solve with openness and transparency, and handling them individually or in smaller groups."
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4 days ago by mattheweppelsheimer
Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian; MoBikeFed joins other bike/ped groups across the US in requesting far greater oversight
A woman in Tempe, Ariz., has died after being hit by a self-driving car operated by Uber, in what appears to be the first known death of a pedestrian struck by an autonomous vehicle on a public road.

The Uber vehicle was in autonomous mode with a human safety driver at the wheel when it struck the woman, who was crossing the street outside of a crosswalk, the Tempe police said in a statement. The episode happened on Sunday around 10 p.m. The woman was not publicly identified. . . .

The fatal crash will most likely raise questions about regulations for self-driving cars. Testing of self-driving cars is already underway for vehicles that have a human driver ready to take over if something goes wrong, but states are starting to allow companies to test cars without a person in the driver’s seat. This month, California said that, in April, it would start allowing companies to test autonomous vehicles without anyone behind the wheel. . . .

Autonomous cars are expected to ultimately be safer than human drivers, because they don’t get distracted and always observe traffic laws. However, researchers working on the technology have struggled with how to teach the autonomous systems to adjust for unpredictable human driving or behavior.

MoBikeFed comment: This unfortunate and horrific collision re-emphasizes the fact the we, along with other bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups across the U.S., have been raising with the USDOT and Congress: The safety of autonomous vehicles operating in the vicinity of people who walk and bicycle has not been demonstrated.

In fact, autonomous vehicles have a known weakness in detecting and operating around bicycles.

Sunday's fatality in Arizona--one of the first fatalities involving and autonomous vehicle--shows that driverless cars are cannot yet operate safely around pedestrians, either.

(The victim was pushing her bicycle across the street when struck and killed by the driverless vehicle.)

Driverless vehicle technology has great promise to improve safety for all road users. But until that safety is proven and demonstrated, driverless vehicle companies should not be allowed to experiment with people's lives by operating their machines on our roads and streets.

States and the federal government that are working to create regulations for driverless vehicles must provide proper oversight and testing and must require driverless vehicles to demonstrate safety when operating near people who walk and bicycle BEFORE these vehicles are allowed on our roads and streets.

MoBikeFed has been a signatory to several letters to Congress and to the USDOT on this issue. Read a summary of the issues and our position here:
safety  driverlessvehicles  uber 
4 days ago by mobikefed
E-Cigarettes Can Be Lifesavers -
Two other factors make it unlikely that significant numbers of teenagers become smokers after getting hooked on nicotine in e-cigarettes. The vast majority of nonsmoking teenagers who vape do so only occasionally, and most of them use nicotine-free e-liquids.
nicotine  smoking  safety  analysis 
5 days ago by jmartindf
Apple’s new ‘Families’ page provides a unified collection of tips for parents | iLounge News
Apple has set up a new Families page on its website providing a one-stop collection of tips on all of the parental controls and other options that are available to support parents in helping their kids use their Apple devices safely and responsibly. The new page appears following recent concerns from investors that the company hasn’t been doing enough to protect children from the negative effects of increased device use, and the new Families page emphasis the efforts Apple has put into designing its products with families in mind, noting that the company has “put a lot of thought into helping parents choose what their kids can do with their devices.”
The new page includes sections outlining the tools that are available to let parents know what their kids are doing, highlight the App Store’s carefully curated “Kids” section that highlights apps suitable for children and allows apps to be filtered or even restricted by age range, describes the “Ask to Buy” feature to ensure that only apps explicitly approved by parents can be installed, and ways to block in-app purchases and limit web site access and media content. The page also includes tips on using Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, and iMessage group chats to keep track of where kids are, how to share media content with the entire family, and how to use health and safety features such as Do Not Disturb While Driving and Emergency SOS and Medical Info. [via MacRumors]
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6 days ago by rgl7194
Apple 'Families': You want to do what's best for your family. So do we. | iMore
Apple has put together all its information on parental controls, family sharing, and more into a one-stop web-based information spot.
Recently some groups have been trying to get attention by calling out smartphone use in general and Apple in particular as something not just dangerous but downright harmful. While it's a serious issue — as I discussed with therapist Georgia Dow in a recent episode of VECTOR — it's not and should never be clickbait.
To help make it easier for parents to sift the signal from the noise, Apple has put together a new section of its website devoted to parental controls, family sharing, and other child-related features and technology.
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6 days ago by rgl7194
Apple Adds a Families Section to Its Website with Information for Parents – MacStories
Apple has introduced a new webpage that highlights the tools it makes for parents to limit kids’ use of the company’s devices, keep them safe, and make sure they are viewing appropriate content. The page provides an overview of:
The Kids section of the App Store
The App Store’s Ask to Buy feature, which requires children to get an adult’s permission to download apps
Restrictions that allow parents to block In-App Purchases and viewing of certain media
Settings that block adult content or limit browsing to certain sites on the Internet
Location Services, including Find My Friends and Find My iPhone
Media sharing
Health and Safety Features, including the Emergency SOS and Medical ID features of the iPhone
The Apple Watch’s fitness features
Privacy features like Face ID and Touch ID
The Classroom app
Each section links to additional resources on Apple’s website.
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6 days ago by rgl7194

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