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Mental health patients still sent hundreds of miles for treatment | Society | The Guardian
Despite government promises to end practice, figures show almost no change since 2016 [... and more beds were cut!] [...] However, since this pledge, the number of mental health beds in England has fallen. There were 18,082 mental health beds available in January, February and March, 200 fewer than the 18,282 that existed in October, November and December 2017, other NHS Digital data shows.
NHS  mental  health  Austerity  patient  safety 
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Keeping Power Lines Away from Your Trees
Don't let the trees on your property touch power lines! It could be very dangerous.
trees  tree  trimming  safety 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
The Importance of Protective Coveralls
There are many industries and professions that require workers to wear specialized gear to help keep them safe as they do their jobs.
work  uniforms  job  safety  coveralls 
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Do you Need to Schedule an Electrical Inspection?
Ensuring the safety of your home’s electrical system is crucial.
electrical  inspection  safety 
3 days ago by Adventure_Web
Ways Your Medical Practice Can Benefit from a Waste Management Company
At any given time, there can be many different types of hazardous waste in a medical practice. . This is where AEG Environmental comes in. We will take care of waste disposal and once the waste is processed, we will provide you with all of the relevant documentation.
hazardous  waste  medical  practice  safety 
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Stylish Bike Helmets You'd Actually Want to Wear
bike  helmet  product  personal  health  safety 
5 days ago by kinslema
Google Assistant fired a gun: We need to talk
For better or worse, Google Assistant can do it all. From mundane tasks like turning on your lights and setting reminders to convincingly mimicking human speech patterns, the AI helper is so capable it's scary. Its latest (unofficial) ability, though, is a bit more sinister.
ai  ethics  google  machine  learning  safety  stream 
6 days ago by therourke

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