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GlobaLeaks - Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
"GlobaLeaks is the first open-source whistleblowing framework. It empowers anyone to easily set up and maintain a whistleblowing platform. GlobaLeaks can help many different types of users: media organizations, activist groups, corporations and public agencies.
GlobaLeaks is a project aimed at supporting the practice of whistleblowing by giving people the software tools necessary to start their own initiative. Thanks to GlobaLeaks even non-technical people will be able to setup their own anonymous whistleblowing site on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android).
GlobaLeaks provides high levels of security and anonymity by default, though these parameters can be flexibly changed. This allows the operator to tweak the system in order to reach the right security/usability tradeoff that he feels comfortable with.
GlobaLeaks aims at becoming the de-facto standard in technologically-powered whistleblowing, thanks to its unique usability, security and integrable APIs."

startupinthecloud  security  safety  transparency  legal  software  opensource  framework 
yesterday by eocas
Put Driverless Cars Back in the Slow Lane | RealClearPolicy
Even taking Waymo’s numbers at face value, there’s little reason to believe that driverless cars are remotely as safe as human drivers. It’s difficult to translate these statistics into a judgment about the relative safety of autonomous cars. Comparing reported disengagements to human crashes is misleading, since not all disengagements situations would have led to a crash if uncorrected. To allow for a more direct comparison, Waymo estimated “simulated contacts,” or the number of disengagements that would have likely led to crashes. Based on these data, last reported in 2015, Google/Waymo vehicles would’ve crashed .02 times per 1,000 miles driven without testers. Generously assuming that the crash rate halved since 2015, Waymo vehicles are still far more dangerous than human drivers. 
selfdrivingvehicles  automotive  safety  review  critique  RealClearPolicy  2018 
yesterday by inspiral
Ambulances stuck at A&E 'unable to respond quickly to 999 calls' | Society | The Guardian
Patients who have a stroke or heart attack are at risk of harm because so many ambulances are stuck at A&E units that they cannot respond quickly enough to 999 calls, an NHS boss has said.
NHS  A&E  Crisis  patient  safety  Austerity 
yesterday by asterisk2a
Put Driverless Cars Back in the Slow Lane | RealClearPolicy
The company can only claim an overall safety improvement from the previous year by including in their count reductions in disengagements due to “recklessly behaving road users.” It’s unclear, though, how decreased reckless driving by others can be considered proof of the increased safety of driverless vehicles. Waymo’s fleet operates in a fairly contained network of roads, meaning that many local drivers have had repeated interactions with the vehicles. Maybe local drivers have learned that tailgating these slow vehicles will do little to increase speed, and have gotten less hostile to robot motorists. In any case, it’s bizarre to cite the adaptability of human drivers as evidence that robot drivers are improving. And, if those figures are subtracted from the equation, safety-related disengagement rates actually increased slightly from 2016.
autonomous-vehicles  safety 
2 days ago by elrob
Eversource worker injured in Sunapee when pole snaps | New Hampshire
An Eversource worker was hospitalized Wednesday after a utility pole on Jobs Creek Road snapped, taking the worker down with it.
UnionLeader  employee  safety 
3 days ago by eversourcenh
Cleo Robotics Demonstrates Uniquely Clever Ducted Fan Drone - IEEE Spectrum
This donut-shaped drone, not technically known as a dronut, offers a tasty combination of safety and ease of use
drones  engineering  quadcopter  safety 
3 days ago by dlkinney
What You Should Know About Bollards
You’ve probably seen bollards, but do you know just how important they are to public safety? Here is everything you should know about them!
bollards  cars  safety 
3 days ago by Adventure_Web

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