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Hot Tub Safety for Families
While a hot tub is an excellent addition to any home for families to reconnect and enjoy time together, those with young children must take extra precautions to keep their kids safe.
hot-tub  children  safety 
20 hours ago by Adventure_Web
How the Airline Industry Defines a Near Miss - The Atlantic
Safety experts have known the value of near-miss tracking and root-cause analysis in preventing tragedy since at least 1931, when engineer Herbert William Heinrich theorized in Industrial Accident Prevention: A Scientific Approach that there were 300 near-misses for every 29 accidents and every one serious accident or fatality. In Heinrich’s model, the near-miss incidents are the bottom of a pyramid, the accidents are the next level up, and the fatal accidents are at the top.
accident  transportation  safety  near_miss  prediction 
3 days ago by berendes
4 Ways Uniforms Have a Positive Influence in the Workplace
Uniforms can serve a variety of purposes, from health and safety reasons to industry standards, there are plenty of reasons why your company might choose to use uniforms.
work  uniforms  workplace  safety  employee 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Southwest emergency: Did the FAA wait too long to order engine checks?
A dangerous malfunction of the same kind of engine on a Southwest plane nearly two years ago also forced an emergency landing, and advocates say the Federal Aviation Administration missed an opportunity to respond forcefully and quickly.

The critics, including two airline consumer watchdogs and a union leader who represents mechanics, say that slow action by the FAA exemplifies the agency’s cozy relationship with the industry. Several major airlines previously called for slower implementation of a proposed FAA rule that would require inspections of the type of engines that failed this week.
safety  flight  bureaucracy 
4 days ago by craniac
Keep Your Facility “Green” this Earth Day!
Just in time for Earth Day, which is this coming Sunday, we’ve put together a brief guide to tell you about the environmental impact of proper hazardous waste training and disposal!
earth  day  compliance  safety 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Hiring a Professional Hazardous Waste Disposal Company
If your facility produces hazardous waste, consider hiring a professional hazardous waste disposal company like AEG Environmental to properly dispose of it for you!
hazardous  waste  disposal  safety  compliance 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Mayoral Preview - Ann Arbor Observer
Finally, Eaton charges that crime is more prevalent than folks know. "In the Fourth Ward, there's a house near Allmendinger Park where last year the police responded to seventy-two calls. There were two overdoses there. One was fatal. There are guns, knives, and assaults. There's drug sales and drug use."

Soon-to-retire police chief Jim Baird emails that's not quite accurate. "[O]n the west side of the City near Allmendinger Park, we had 25 calls for service last year, not 72," he writes. "Six calls were related to some type of criminal activity, and there were none classified as weapons offenses."
a2council  annarbor  crime  safety 
4 days ago by cdzombak
5 Advantages of Investing in a Security Fence
Ease your mind and protect your investments by installing a security fence. Read on to discover five advantages of investing in a security fence.
fence  safety  security 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web

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