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Publishers are already feeling pain from Apple's move against ad tracking • Digiday
Ross Benes:
<p>Programmatic publishers’ ad rates have taken a hit since Apple updated its Safari browser last month to prevent third parties from tracking users for more than 24 hours after a user visited a website. Although Apple’s move hurts publishers reliant on third-party data that advertisers depend on to target niche audiences at scale, publishers that sell their inventory directly say they aren’t affected by the Safari update.

“It has already had an impact on our revenue, and that will only be compounded as adoption [of Safari’s update] increases,” said Paul Bannister, co-founder of CafeMedia, which sells more than half of its impressions programmatically. “It’s hard to quantify what it will end up as since it’s so early still and lots of other variables are at play, but it’s a [measurable] impact.”

Because users didn’t update their operating systems all at once and Apple released the update near the end of a quarter, when ad rates tend to be higher, gauging the impact of Safari’s tracking change isn’t as simple as comparing monthly CPMs. Apple did not reply to an interview request for this story.

Bannister said CPMs on Safari are about 10% lower than what he’d expect them to be heading into the fourth quarter. CafeMedia gets about a third of its mobile traffic from Safari, which is in line with industry averages, according to NetMarketShare.

Since Apple’s Safari update, Ranker saw the gap between its yields on iOS and Android (which doesn’t use the Safari browser) increase by 8% in favor of Android, said Ranker CEO Clark Benson, who estimated that Apple’s move could potentially lead to a 1% to 2% drop in overall ad revenue. </p>

I'm standing at the production line for the world's tiniest violins, where output has been increased substantially.
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2 days ago by charlesarthur
Tips and Tricks: Ten Safari long-press shortcuts for iPhone and iPad | 9to5Mac
"The Tabs toolbar button is located on the right side of the screen, either at the top on iPad or bottom on iPhone. Tapping it launches the carousel view of preview cards for all the open tabs. However, you can also long-press it to reveal several more options.

"Without entering the tab screen, a long-press on the button reveals an action sheet. You can close all open tabs in one tab or close the current tab. You can also quickly open a new tab, either in a normal window or jumping to Private Browsing mode."


"New to iOS 11, it is actually possible to have Safari automatically launch Reader for select domains. This means you can view a particular website without distractions, in the streamlined reading-focused Safari Reader interface, automatically every single time.

"To enable this, navigate to a page that supports Reader. Then, long-press on the Reader icon (three lines) in the URL bar. This will open a pop-up to enable Automatic Reader View. You can choose to enable it just for the current website domain or on any website you visit. Enabling this option means every page will open in Reader view if it is available, and you will have to tap to disable it every single time."
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9 days ago by handcoding
Understanding the WebView Viewport in iOS 11 - Ayogo Health Inc.
iOS 11 brings some new, perhaps unintuitive, behaviour around the status bar area which will be particularly important for developers using tools like Apache Cordova or Ionic. In particular, this change in behaviour affects any web-based apps that use fixed position header bars when they are built for iOS 11. This post helps you understand the Webview Viewport in iOS 11.
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10 days ago by beep

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