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yesterday by nanoxd
Safari is released to the world
During the early development of Safari, I didn’t just worry about leaking our secret project through Apple’s IP address or our browser’s user agent string. It also concerned me that curious gawkers on the outside would notice who I was hiring at Apple.
apple  history  keynote  release  safari  secret  steve-jobs  story 
2 days ago by pitiphong_p
ROLLIN` SAFARI – What If Animals Were Round? | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
ROLLIN` SAFARI – what if animals were being round? Some frequent wildlife scenes in the environment of “Rollin`Wild”. Visit our inflated animals on The “Rollin`Safari” Clips are the official trailers for ITFS 2013 ( and FMX 2013 ( (c) 2012 Flying Stone GbR. ROLLIN` SAFARI – what if animals were being round?
IFTTT  WordPress  What  africa  animals  animation  Chase  crocodile  fast  fastfood  flamingos  fmx  food  funny  hunt  hunting  it  Mcdonalds  natural  Safari  waterhole  Wildlife 
3 days ago by wotek
Cloudmarks - Canisbos
Cloudmarks Download Cloudmarks Cloudmarks (formerly Moofmarks) is a Safari extension that works with cloud bookmarking services Pinboard, Delicious, and Kippt. Cloudmarks lets you access your cloud...
bookmarks  safari  extensions  macos 
6 days ago by jlancaster
Favicons in Safari tabs - Six Colors
John Gruber wrote about supporting favicons in Safari tabs the other day, and he makes some good points. I am not a tab-oriented person—it’s rare I have more than a handful of tabs open at once, especially on macOS. But I can see how, with large number of tabs, Chrome keeps scannability by including a site’s favicon on each tab.
If I had to guess why Safari doesn’t support favicons in tabs, I’d say that Apple’s designers probably think most favicons are ugly and contribute to visual clutter. It’s probably why Apple came up with its own SVG-based spec for the Pinned Tabs feature it added to Safari in 2015. Every site has favicons, but Apple chose not to use them—and instead had web developers generate new vector-based site logos for use with this single Safari feature.
favicon  safari  ui/ue 
9 days ago by rgl7194
Daring Fireball: Pinned Tabs Are No Solution to the Lack of Favicons in Regular Safari Tabs
Re: yesterday’s piece arguing that Safari should display favicons in its browser tabs, I’ve gotten dozens of emails and tweets pointing out that Safari does show favicons, albeit in monochrome, for pinned tabs.
First, so what? That’s great for pinned tabs but it’s not a solution in any way, shape, or form for regular tabs.
Second, they’re not even really favicons. They’re SVG files, not PNGs like real favicons. Even though SVG is an open format and Safari introduced this feature in 2015, no other browser in the world supports these images, so many websites don’t even have these graphics. Almost every website has a real favicon.
daring_fireball  favicon  safari  ui/ue 
9 days ago by rgl7194
Introducing Unobstruct – Troy Gaul – Medium
"I released a new iOS app named Unobstruct, which helps you read web pages unobstructed. It includes a Safari Content Blocker that removes some persistent bars from certain web pages (like Medium, The Verge, Vox, CNN, and several others) and an Action Extension for Safari that removes any remaining floating content from a web page on demand. You can buy it for a dollar in the iOS App Store."
safari  ios  contentblockers  2017  software  dickbars 
10 days ago by handcoding
Sessions is a browser extension for managing your Safari tabs and history.
browser  safari  extensions 
10 days ago by kballard
Daring Fireball: Safari Should Display Favicons in Its Tabs
...This is not even close. Once Safari gets to a dozen or so tabs in a window, the left-most tabs are literally unidentifiable because they don’t even show a single character of the tab title. They’re just blank. I, as a decade-plus-long dedicated Safari user, am jealous of the usability and visual clarity of Chrome with a dozen or more tabs open. And I can see why dedicated Chrome users would consider Safari’s tab design a non-starter to switching.
I don’t know what the argument is against showing favicons in Safari’s tabs, but I can only presume that it’s because some contingent within Apple thinks it would spoil the monochromatic aesthetic of Safari’s toolbar area. I really can’t imagine what else it could be. I’m personally sympathetic to placing a high value on aesthetics even when it might come at a small cost to usability. But in this case, I think Safari’s tab design — even if you do think it’s aesthetically more appealing — comes at a large cost in usability and clarity. The balance between what looks best and what works best is way out of whack with Safari’s tabs...
safari  chrome  comparo  daring_fireball  favicon  ui/ue 
11 days ago by rgl7194

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