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Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria - The Atlantic - Pocket
On March 22 of that year, however, the legal agreement that would have unlocked a century’s worth of books and peppered the country with access terminals to a universal library was rejected under Rule 23(e)(2) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

When the library at Alexandria burned it was said to be an “international catastrophe.” When the most significant humanities project of our time was dismantled in court, the scholars, archivists, and librarians who’d had a hand in its undoing breathed a sigh of relief, for they believed, at the time, that they had narrowly averted disaster.

I asked someone who used to have that job, what would it take to make the books viewable in full to everybody? I wanted to know how hard it would have been to unlock them. What’s standing between us and a digital public library of 25 million volumes?

You’d get in a lot of trouble, they said, but all you’d have to do, more or less, is write a single database query. You’d flip some access control bits from off to on. It might take a few minutes for the command to propagate.
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18 hours ago by craniac
Your Loving Arms (Keeping Me From Harm)
Illya stands, taking a little childish pleasure when Napoleon has to look up to keep his gaze. Illya studies Napoleon briefly before holding out a hand. “Q,” he says, expression barely changing to allow a flicker of warmth in his otherwise frosty reception. The barest of acknowledgement, but if Napoleon had read Illya’s file as he suspects he has, he would know that his acknowledgement-- even the slightest-- was hard-earned.
Napoleon takes it immediately. “004,” he says, shaking Illya’s hand. His bright smile is almost blinding, tiny lines creasing the corners of his eyes.
fandom:tmfu  fandom:skyfall  relationship:illya/napoleon  author:suqua  sad  funny  hot  top!illya 
20 hours ago by little-thoughts
Murder-suicide | |
David Driscoll shot and killed his girlfriend Brittany Engstrom at her apartment in Orem before killing himself at the Ranches Golf Course in Eagle Mountain. For many, this was a flash in a pan of crime, but it also showed that crime was immutable to the community and such tragedies could happen without any warning or notice.
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21 hours ago by craniac
On Leave
Eve answers on the second ring.

‘Is this a ‘congratulations’ conversation or an ‘I’ll pick you up from the clinic’ conversation?’

‘The former.’

The unmistakeable sound of crockery smashing clatters down the phone.
fandom:skyfall  author:thomasin  relationship:bond/q  setting:kid-fic  sad  funny  romantic  happyending  hot  bottom!q 
7 days ago by little-thoughts
dum memor ipse mei
There is something, Aziraphale thinks, that is inherently selfish— unangelic, even— about grief.

But then of course, the same could be said about love.
GoodOmens  canon  angst  romance  first!time  sad  1000-9999 
10 days ago by popkin16
Made Flesh
AU in which Crowley is two entities, and Aziraphale isn’t sure how he feels about either of them.
GoodOmens  canon  au  romance  first!time  angst  sad  10000-29999  gorgeous/favorite 
10 days ago by popkin16
The Hot/Cold Empathy Gap: It's Hard to Predict Behavior Until You're In That Situation
When you're happy, it's hard to empathize with those who are sad, and vice versa. We often don’t understand human behavior until we are in that situation and experiencing it first-hand. Psychologists calls this the "hot cold empathy gap."
psychology  sad  happiness 
13 days ago by flyingcloud
Decision Point
esteefee: *starts to write a story where Rodney stays on Earth and John goes back to Pegasus*
esteefee: hmmm, I'm on 15K+ words, and John still refuses to leave Earth. I don't understa—
Narrator: esteefee did, in fact, understand.
sga  mcshep  canon  angst  sad  romance  first!time  oblivious!rodney  pining!john  esteefee  10000-29999  earthside 
24 days ago by popkin16

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