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Sabotage Foods | Price Pottenger
Most people can jump-start their weight loss by cutting out all starches, sugars & alcohols while consuming more proteins and fats.
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This is not just betrayal to the oath of office it’s an overt conspiracy to harm national security. It wi…
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The Poison That Sabotages All Human Potential - Siddha Performance
The false paradigm of Prescriptions.


What humans do best are precisely the things they know not how they do.
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If Wilson was there, he'd spout some nonesense about House subconsciously punishing himself.
An image of Wilson - superman pose, and all - appeared before his eyes. House blamed the alcohol: "You want to be miserable, that's the real reason why you hurt Chase like that. Why won't you let yourself be happy for once, House? You're punishing yourself for not curing the patient in time, I understand that, but you love him and he loves you. What's the problem?"

:::::☆ ☆:::::

House frowned, feeling the ache in his chest once again. He stared down at the floor sadly, guilty and self-pitying all of a sudden. Maybe subconscious Wilson had a point... Maybe he had been trying to punish himself.

Maybe he DID love Chase.
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