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"RestPoint is a powerful prototyping technology to build and deploy REST API's with backend DB's, in the cloud, using a web browser, in minutes.

Use RestPoint to experiment and test drive API's, plug in real data, share API's with others to get feedback, all before final sign off to production."
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yesterday by earth2marsh
Get A Slow Tempo — Towards Becoming A Long-Running Product
I’m building a Markdown note-taking app called Inkdrop alone. Fortunately, I succeeded to make it a profitable product generating over 2,000 USD. I’ve written about how I did from idea to first sales…
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yesterday by program247365
How I’ve Attracted The First 500 Paid Users For My SaaS That Costs $5/mo
and downs on your way — A new feature might have a significant bug you haven’t noticed and it would cause some customers to quit. I recently experienced that but I would think it was a necessary process to make the app more reliable. You are not perfect. So is your product. Finish your work and see how it goes. Don’t be afraid.
2 days ago by odeceixe

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