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Easy Budget Templates and Financial Spreadsheets
I'd never use this. I don't like spreadsheets that much in the first place, but now doing all finances in Google Sheets too? Ahh!
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yesterday by skinnymuch
Azure Advanced Threat Protection: Securing Your Identities Right From the Cloud - MSSP Alert
Back in 2016, we have reviewed Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA), the first product Microsoft released with the Security Graph technology... However, the product was only intended for on-premises deployment and provided very limited forensic and mitigation capabilities due to lack of integration with other security tools.

Microsoft has successfully addressed both of these challenges. Azure ATP, as evident from its name, is a cloud-based service. Although you obviously still need to deploy sensors within your network to capture the network traffic and other security events, they are sent directly to the Azure cloud, and all the correlation magic happens

Azure ATP integrates with Windows Defender ATP – Microsoft’s endpoint protection platform. If you’re using both platforms, you can seamlessly switch between them for additional forensic information or direct remediation of malware threats on managed endpoints. In fact, the company’s Advanced Threat Protection brand now also includes Office 365 ATP - for Office365
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2 days ago by bwiese
The Ruby on Rails SaaS Template | Bullet Train
Bullet Train is a Ruby on Rails SaaS-in-a-Box that saves developers weeks of effort.
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2 days ago by maskact
ActiveState Platform for open source languages
Our SaaS Platform empowers you to manage open source languages at RUNTIME.

Companies decrease attack surface & increase software performance.
Coders can 1-click environment config & reproduce language builds.
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2 days ago by gdw

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