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Shelter in a Hopeless Place | rogue one: a star wars story
Bodhi Rook was a local boy from Jedha. He'd kept dozens of trivial secrets for Galen and twice betrayed anti-Imperial sentiments. He was perfect for the mission. There was just one problem: Galen didn't want him to leave.
f:rougeone  f:starwars  p:galen/bodhi  g:slash  s:pre-canon  t:angst  t:emotional.manipulation  t:firsttime  l:2000-10000  r:teen  a:igrockspock 
april 2017 by addely
Always Near | rogueoOne: a star wars story
The man's face fell. "Do you not – have you no interest in the sport of cloud and rain?"

Baze did something he would later have cause to regret. He told the truth.

"No," he said. "Sex is fine, just not – I'm not interested in sleeping with people who've been paid for it."

"You are in luck, my friend!" said the man, pleased. "I am not paid a single credit to be your host. I'm a slave."

Baze is on security detail on a luxury Hutt transport when he meets the worst sex slave in the galaxy. Weirdly, not actually an AU.
f:rougeone  f:starwars  c:baze.malbus  p:chirrut/bezw  g:slash  s:pre-canon  t:slavefic  t:firsttime  w:dub-con  t:humour  t:pining  t:sharingabed  l:2000-10000  r:explicit  a:afrai 
april 2017 by addely
A Little Thing, and Light | rogue one: a star wars story
Bodhi Rook is steady, unremarkable, and though his every action is designed to escape notice, Erso has noticed him. Worse, Erso is kind, and Bodhi remembers home.
f:rougeone  f:starwars  c:bodhi.rock  p:galen/bodhi  g:slash  s:pre-canon  t:angst  t:family  t:firsttime  l:2000-10000  r:mature  a:sheffiesharpe 
april 2017 by addely
No Less Unthinkable | yuri!!! on ice
In which Katsuki Yuuri fights a losing battle with chronic anxiety, the quadruple Salchow, and his own judgment four drinks in — but wins the war.
f:yoi  c:yuuri.katsuki  p:yuuri/victor  g:slash  s:over.time  s:pre-canon  s:post-canon  t:angst  t:undertheinfluence  t:firsttime  t:character.study  l:40000-100000  r:explicit  a:rageprufrock 
april 2017 by addely
[一世真 ENG] In Time, Once Again | 琅琊榜 | nirvana in fire | ♥ ♥
When Xiao Jingyan finds himself transported back to his nineteen-year-old self after living a long life as emperor, he is determined to stop the Chiyan conspiracy from happening. But in the attempt to change the wheels of fortune, what will he lose and what will he gain? This is a story of perseverance, love, and sacrifice.
f:nirvanainfire  c:xiao.jingyan  p:lin.shu/xiao.jingyan  g:slash  s:post-canon  s:pre-canon  t:timetravel  t:fixingcanon  t:hurt/comfort  t:angst  t:friendship  t:secrets  t:family  l:>100000  r:pg-13  a:擂文  a:katiirabbi    2♥ 
august 2016 by addely
swim until you can't see land | hunger games triology
Finnick isn't sure what unsettles him more, remembering that he's capable of killing, or knowing that he's capable of killing and that he's on his knees anyway.
hungergames  haymitch/finnick  hookerfic  seaglassblue  r:mature  l:10000-40000  w:non-con  g:slash  t:angst  s:pre-canon 
august 2016 by addely
Palimpsest | 琅琊榜 | nirvana in fire
“Such refinement!” Prince Ji commented, after a dragonfly-quick glance of the weiqi board. “And so young!”

Su Zhe reacted as most people tended to do when Jingyan’s uncle was in full form: he looked to the nearest source of help. Jingyan hoped his face conveyed more than despair and a strong desire for the earth to open up and swallow him whole, but judging from the slight twitch of Su Zhe’s eyebrows, he doubted he had been entirely successful.

On the way back to the main music hall, his uncle pulled him aside and whispered kindly to him, which meant naturally that everyone in their party overheard. “Why did you never tell me you favoured the southern style? I will smooth it over with your father, and all will be well. You know, I did always wonder about you and that scamp of a boy -”

At this Su Zhe broke out in a series of violent coughing fits, and did not stop until they crossed the bridge into the main grounds, for which Jingyan was eternally grateful and swore to himself he would repay at some distant point in the future, possibly after he had finished building himself a hermit’s hut atop a suitably tall mountain.
f:nirvanainfire  c:xiao.jingyan  p:lin.shu/xiao.jingyan  g:slash  s:au  s:au:slightdifference  s:pre-canon  t:mistakenforcouple  t:mistakenidentity  t:firsttime  l:2000-10000  r:explicit  a:ofsevenseas  t:trope 
august 2016 by addely
Nature of the Beast | assassin's creed
He wakes on warm flagstones surrounded by a whispering crowd held back by Medici guardsmen, his mother kneeling and weeping and his brother scuffing his shoes, red-eyed and contrite, and beside him, grinning wolfishly and drenched, is a hooded stranger in now-ruined white and red vestments, a slender longsword buckled to his hip, wrists sheathed in silver-tooled bracers.

Much later Lorenzo will be appalled at his second momentary lapse of the day - all unguarded, he finds himself reaching instinctively out for the stranger, with a hoarse whisper, "Who are you?"
assassinscreed  giovanni/lorenzo  alpha/beta/omega  manic_intent  l:10000-40000  g:slash  t:firsttime  r:explicit  s:pre-canon  s:au:slightdifference  s:au  s:over.time  t:soul.bonding 
june 2016 by addely
inherit the earth | jurassic world
Half her superiors used to think she didn’t have a brain at all in that pretty head, but the men she served with called her Batshit Grady, and she always, always worked until she had the respect of her animals, and never took it for granted. She’s a sun-and-salt blonde, with her big blue eyes; she can play dumb with the rest of them, play harmless, and there’s no really room for it here, when one wrong step could see you lose an arm, a head, your life. But she was always good at it, always knew how to smile.
jurassicpark  owen.grady  girl!owen.grady  -  alongthewatchtower  l:2000-10000  t:character.study  s:pre-canon  t:genderswap  g:gen  t:introspective 
september 2015 by addely
Water and Earth | mad max: fury road
Furiosa knows a green life. She knows dew on leaves and the right kind of thorns for poison. She drags cactus barbs deep across her palms to help keep her grip on the sweat-slick handles of the bikes. She is fourteen and old enough to patrol the edges of the green colony, she is fourteen and she drives like a demon, she is fourteen and even those older than her give her their rations of guzzoline because they know she’ll take it further. She is fourteen and she is stolen with her mother, and the thieves burn through the middle of the green like sheet lightning and leave it reeling.
madmax  furiosa  furiosa/max  ssstrychnine  l:2000-10000  t:character.study  s:post-canon  s:pre-canon  r:teen  s:over.time  g:het 
june 2015 by addely
Probable Cause | guardians of the galaxy
Life in the Nova Corps meant odd hours and often random meal times, but this suited Garthan, most days. It meant that Errin's stall was quiet whenever he swung by, save for the odd tourist or two, and Errin knew better than to try small talk on an off-hours Corpsman trying to have a good meal in a bit of peace before going back on the beat.

Today, Garthan made it midway through the bowl before his perfect daily moment of peace was ruined by a tourist. Off-worlders were common on Xandar: the planet was an interstellar trading hub, after all, with free trade agreements signed with most intergalactic civs, but years in the Corps had given Garthan a healthy understanding of trouble, and this tourist positively reeked of it.
garthan  garthan/peter  plot  manic_intent  g:slash  l:40000-100000  t:firsttime  r:explicit  s:pre-canon  t:casefic  f:gotg 
december 2014 by addely
persona non grata | school 2013
"did you forget i'm invincible?" or: four times heungsoo patched namsoon up and one time namsoon had to make do with himself.
school2013  kdrama  nam-soon  nam-soon/heung-soo  genish  gdgdbaby  t:5things  l:2000-10000  t:angst  s:pre-canon  r:teen  t:hurt/comfort  t:damaged.people 
august 2014 by addely
The Roommates AU | leverage
Hardison blasts the ad everywhere he can the next day, with a staggeringly low rent and no application fee:

Looking for two roommates for a spacious condo in a safe city-neighborhood close to transportation and shopping. Full house privileges, all utilities included, including wifi. Room can come furnished or un-furnished. One bedroom has a private bath attached. The other has sole use of the hall bathroom. No pets or smoking. Not 420 friendly. Must be available to move in immediately, and attend a mandatory “house meeting” dinner next week. If you’re interested, come by on Wednesday at 1PM to see the place and fill out an application.

Hardison adds and then removes several personality traits he’d prefer in a roommate because he does not have the luxury of being picky. He might be on the most-wanted list of a bunch of federal authorities, but Nana has made grown ass men wet themselves, okay? He’s desperate.
leverage  hardison  alec/eliot/parker  ficlet  <2000  pg  idyllspace  s:pre-canon  t:humour  t:movingin  s:au:slightdifference  s:au  r:teen  g:ot3 
august 2014 by addely
The stone's in the midst of it all | captain america
Sarah Rogers was born to fight an unwinnable war. She wonders how it could be, sometimes, that she gives birth to a boy who does not understand defeat.
sarah.rogers  minorcharacters  deathfic  togina  l:2000-10000  t:angst  t:character.study  s:pre-canon  f:captainamerica  p:steve/bucky  r:teen  g:gen  c:female.character 
june 2014 by addely
You Would Never Call Me Baby (If You Knew Me Truly) | captain america
When a fella asked him what he did, he replied that he was a boxer. "You win a lotta fights?"

"Yeah," Bucky spat. "All of 'em."
hookerfic  th_esaurus  r:mature  g:slash  l:2000-10000  t:angst  t:firsttime  s:pre-canon  f:captainamerica  c:bucky.barnes  p:steve/bucky 
may 2014 by addely
Come To Morning | captain america
He figured it was natural, kind of—well, not natural, but he and Steve spent a lot of time together, and Steve didn’t get so much attention from girls, which was a crying shame because he was a good guy and a girl could do a lot worse. But it meant maybe Steve got a bit confused, because sometimes he would look at Bucky with this look. This bright, astonished look, like he was seeing something so good he couldn’t quite believe it was real. It made Bucky squirm inside, a little.
post-catws  emilyenrose  g:slash  l:2000-10000  s:pre-canon  f:captainamerica  c:bucky.barnes  p:steve/bucky  s:post-catws  r:teen  t:pining  t:jealousy  t:amnesia 
may 2014 by addely
Gravitation | captain america
"He couldn't remember when he first started feeling the pull. Perhaps it was too long ago, or perhaps it had been gradual, something that crept up on him. But by the time he was sixteen, Bucky knew that the axis of his world spun around Steve Rogers in the worst possible way."

Inspired by finding out that in the prequel comics for Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve and Bucky are in art class when the news breaks about Pearl Harbor.
oblivious  odsbodkins  l:10000-40000  g:slash  t:firsttime  r:explicit  s:pre-canon  f:captainamerica  c:bucky.barnes  p:steve/bucky  t:pining 
april 2014 by addely

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