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Might Shape Up Well | Chronicles of Narnia
Soldiering is soldiering, even when you're using a gun rather than a sword. And they're underestimating you because of your age.
f:narnia  c:peter.pevensie  g:gen  t:character.study  s:post-canon  s:futurefic  t:secrets  t:outsiderpov  s:war  l:<2000  a:burntcopper 
february 2018 by addely
faith, hope, all that bullshit | Raven Cycle
Ronan never actually proposes. Adam doesn't technically say yes. If they wind up married Adam is going to count it as a freaking *miracle*.
f:ravencycle  c:adam.parrish  p:ronan/adam  g:slash  s:post-canon  t:marriage  t:established  l:10000-40000  r:teen  a:shinealightonme 
february 2018 by addely
this is your sword, this is your shield | Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Post-BvS, Diana and Lois start to develop a habit of protecting each other. But sometimes habits become ruts, and every now and then it's a good idea to break out of them. (Or: a whole bunch of times Diana and Lois looked out for each other, plus the time Lois ended up feeling like it might be worth it to be just a little less careful.)
f:batman  f:wonderwoman  c:lois.lane  p:diana/lois.lane  g:femslash  s:post-canon  t:grief  t:pining  l:2000-10000  r:teen  a:susiecarter 
february 2018 by addely
Accustomed To Disguise | 琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire
Jingyan tucked his hands into his sleeves and said with serene and infinite calm, “I am going to kill him.”
f:nirvanainfire  c:xiao.jingyan  p:lin.shu/xiao.jingyan  g:slash  s:post-canon  s:futurefic  t:firsttime  t:secrets  t:humour  l:2000-10000  r:teen  a:emilyenrose 
february 2018 by addely
adam parrish is in love (or, you can take the boy out of the south) | Raven Cycle
“Alright Parrish, I yield. What is it, then? You miss the Daisy Dukes and shitkicker boots on those cowgirls back home?”
“I’m from Virginia, not Texas. Not a lot of cow-anybodies.”
“I refuse to believe you don’t know anyone who lives on a farm.”
Parrish rolls his eyes hard enough to shake the earth.
“Stewart, of course I know somebody who lives on a farm. Just no cow-people. There’s a difference.”


Adam is in college. He has a roommate. Adam's Virginian accent has gotten him curious. Also, Ronan comes to visit.
f:ravencycle  p:ronan/adam  g:slash  t:outsiderpov  c:ensemble  t:humour  s:post-canon  s:university  t:established  l:2000-10000  r:mature  a:heyfightme 
february 2018 by addely
With Great Power, Something Something | spider-man: homecoming
Hey Liz,
Apparently, I'm the captain of the Decathlon team. Or something. I was just wondering if you had any quizzes or guides that I could use.
f:spiderman  c:michelle.jones  p:mj/peter.parker  g:het  s:post-canon  s:highschool  c:female.character  t:introspective  t:character.study  t:meetingtheparents  t:family  l:10000-40000  r:teen  a:sharksdontsleep 
august 2017 by addely
in our bed after the war | wonder woman
“You’re going to join me in bed soon, right?" he asks. "Because today has been exhausting. Your stores are loud and way too bright. Oppressively bright. And the lighting in here is fine, so I know that’s not standard to the time period. They’re choosing to make it that bright.”

(In which an apparently-not-dead Steve reappears in the 21st century, giving him and Diana another chance to make a life together. They take it.)
f:wonderwoman  c:diana  p:diana/steve  g:het  s:au  s:canondivergent  s:post-canon  s:futurefic  t:domestic  t:established  t:fixingcanon  l:2000-10000  r:teen  a:katsumi 
august 2017 by addely
The Loathly Worm | harry potter
When Draco Malfoy is forced to go undercover among the remaining Death Eaters in the aftermath of the war, the last person he expects to find there is Harry Potter.
f:harrypotter  c:draco.malfoy  p:harry/draco  g:slash  s:post-canon  t:undercover  t:firsttime  t:humour  t:secrets  l:10000-40000  r:explicit  a:selden 
august 2017 by addely
Every Belt That Ever Hit Someone (Is Still Made to Hold Something Up) | veronica mars
Logan doesn't get any votes for Most Changed at the ten-year reunion, which is bullshit when you think about it. In the past ten years, everything in his life has changed. He's joined the Navy, dated a pop star, and figured out that Dick Casablancas can occasionally behave like a real human being. Only one thing hasn't changed: he's still in love with Veronica Mars. Oh, and he's suspected of murdering his girlfriend.
f:veronicamars  c:logan.echolls  p:logan/veronica  g:het  g:gen  s:post-canon  s:over.time  t:character.study  t:introspective  t:backtogether  t:darkpast  t:angst  t:military  t:friendship  l:10000-40000  r:explicit  a:igrockspock 
april 2017 by addely
Pre-Existing Condition | die hard
“Anyway, he’s staying with me for a while,” John says.

“My place got firebombed,” Matt says, reflexively.
f:diehard  c:john.mcclane  p:john/matt  g:slash  s:post-canon  t:fakedating  t:marriageofconvenience  t:oblivious  t:pining  t:movingin  t:domestic  t:hurt/comfort  l:10000-40000  r:teen  a:helenish 
april 2017 by addely
For All Appearances | free!
Rin and Haru have it pretty good: prime spots on the Japanese National Swim Team, a real shot at Olympic glory in two summers, and a hassle-free, no-strings-attached sleeping arrangement that keeps them fit and sated without any fuss or mess. All is well, until they get caught by the paparazzi in a compromising position that nearly brings their careers to a grinding halt—unless they can come up with one hell of a good excuse for what they were doing.
f:free!  c:matsuoka.rin  p:rin/haruka  g:slash  s:futurefic  s:post-canon  t:comingout  t:established  t:oblivious  t:marriage  t:marriageofconvenience  t:fakedating  l:40000-100000  r:explicit  a:fencer_x 
april 2017 by addely
we're two little people in this big ol' world | SKAM
All Isak wants is a nice, romantic weekend alone with his very attractive boyfriend. Too bad his friends have a different idea.

("Then, Even will do something gross, like spill cheese on Isak’s favorite gray hoodie, or treat all of Isak’s best pens like goddamn chew toys, and scratch that. Isak’s the luckiest guy in all the worlds, all the universes.")
f:skam  c:isak.valtersebn  p:isak/even  g:slash  s:post-canon  t:established  t:firsttime  l:2000-10000  r:g  a:cosetties 
april 2017 by addely
things that break the silence | raven cycle
Adam has left for college and Ronan didn't expect the Barns to be so quiet without him there.
f:ravencycle  c:ronan.lynch  p:ronan/adam  g:slash  s:post-canon  t:established  t:angst  l:2000-10000  r:teen  a:nightswatch 
april 2017 by addely
The Love of Fair Olivia | she's the man
“You know,” Olivia says, “We haven’t hung out together in a long time. We should grab dinner—what's your schedule like next week?”

And man, she’s good. She’s real good, because Viola can’t think up a good enough reason to beg off dinner. The little flutter in Viola’s stomach is back again—fear this time, definitely fear—but Viola masters it long enough to let Olivia know that her schedule is pretty much open, “Open as the sky! Ha ha ha,” Viola says, wishing for a quick and merciful death.

“Awesome,” Olivia says. “Let’s do 7 p.m. on Thursday—I’ll text you the address.”

And just like that, it’s fact.
f:shestheman  c:viola.hastings  p:olivia/viola  g:femslash  s:post-canon  s:futurefic  t:oblivious  t:friendship  t:friendstolovers  t:humour  l:2000-10000  a:partypaprika 
april 2017 by addely
No Less Unthinkable | yuri!!! on ice
In which Katsuki Yuuri fights a losing battle with chronic anxiety, the quadruple Salchow, and his own judgment four drinks in — but wins the war.
f:yoi  c:yuuri.katsuki  p:yuuri/victor  g:slash  s:over.time  s:pre-canon  s:post-canon  t:angst  t:undertheinfluence  t:firsttime  t:character.study  l:40000-100000  r:explicit  a:rageprufrock 
april 2017 by addely
icebreaker | yuri!!! on ice
Yuuri's husband is possibly not as oblivious as he seems, because he grins and asks, "Have you never looked up Yuuri?"

"There's a porn actress with the same name who went into politics," says Nate, "so she's most of the results, and some stuff about figure skating."

"Some stuff about figure skating," Victor says ruefully to Yuuri.
f:yoi  c:oc  p:yuuri/victor  g:slash  g:gen  t:outsiderpov  s:post-canon  s:university  t:friendship  t:established  l:2000-10000  r:g  a:cesare 
april 2017 by addely
i walk my days on a wire | yuri!!! on ice
“Asia sucked without you,” Yuri admits eventually after a moment, as he falls backwards onto the bed, his t-shirt riding up. It must be still hot in Saint Petersburg, if the forecast is to be believed, but Yuri has the hood up, obscuring his face at this angle. “But we all went back to the hot spring run by Katsuki’s family after the Fukuoka show, so I guess it wasn’t that bad.”

A story of a relationship, told in photographs and Skype calls.
f:yoi  c:otabek.altin  p:yuri/otabek  g:slash  s:post-canon  t:firsttime  t:pining  l:10000-40000  r:explicit  a:idrilka 
april 2017 by addely

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