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Amazon Web Services Simple Monthly Calculator
The AWS Simple Monthly Calculator helps customers and prospects estimate their monthly AWS bill more efficiently. Using this tool, they can add, modify and remove services from their 'bill' and it will recalculate their estimated monthly charges automatically. The calculator also shows common customer samples and their usage, such as Disaster Recovery and Backup or Web Application.
aws  pricing  ec2  s3  cloudfront  estimate  your  costs  amazon  web  services 
3 days ago by odajay
Map cloud storage as a network drive or local disk
CloudMounter for Mac OS X: map Dropbox as network drive, mount OneDrive, Google Drive and Amazon S3; FTP client and WebDAV client. Mount cloud drive on Mac and manage online files without the need to store them on a hard drive. Get the access to online data right from Mac Finder.
storage  s3  mac  cloud  software  amazon  app  backup  files  remote  local 
6 days ago by nununo
CloudBerry Managed Backup. Video Guides
Cloud backup service with centralized management and monitoring
CloudBerry Managed Backup Service (MBS) is built from the CloudBerry Backup technology and designed to meet the needs of managed service providers and enterprise IT departments, providing reliable backup with centralized management and monitoring. This managed cloud backup service is integrated with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and almost every S3-compatible or OpenStack-based cloud storage services.
2018  cloud  backup  Amazon  S3 
8 days ago by jmello

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