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Apache Iceberg (incubating)
Coming to presto soon apparently....
Iceberg tracks individual data files in a table instead of directories. This allows writers to create data files in-place and only adds files to the table in an explicit commit.

Table state is maintained in metadata files. All changes to table state create a new metadata file and replace the old metadata with an atomic operation. The table metadata file tracks the table schema, partitioning config, other properties, and snapshots of the table contents.

The atomic transitions from one table metadata file to the next provide snapshot isolation. Readers use the latest table state (snapshot) that was current when they load the table metadata and are not affected by changes until they refresh and pick up a new metadata location.

excellent -- this will let me obsolete so much of our own code :)
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yesterday by jm
The Time I Got Drunk On S3 And What I Learned – codeburst
These are lessons that I have learned while using Simple Storage Service (S3) for a variety of use cases. I do not consider any of these lessons as problems with S3. Rather they are misunderstandings or mistakes in my thinking. I am proud of learning these lessons. The only reason I learned them was by leveraging S3 to solve problems I was facing. This is the best way to learn any service in Amazon Web Services.
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3 days ago by euler
Another awesome , admittedly inspired by requests, for file upload to without usin…
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7 days ago by jamescampbell
Zenko - Multi-Cloud Data Controller - manage your data without cloud lock-in
Zenko is infrastructure software for CIOs, DevOps, Data Managers to control Data in Multi-Cloud IT Environments
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8 days ago by jrisch
Has anyone done the costs math on S3 vs. DynamoDB for "small" (json) objects? And, under which circumstances would you have to use one over the other? : aws
Storage in dynamo is $0.25 / month, 10x more than standard s3. However, since they are small objects this will likely be negligible.

The driver for costs in my experience going to be read/write requests. If you do a consistent 10 writes per second, s3 will cost you: ($0.01 / 1000 writes) * (10 writes / s) * 1 hour = $0.36

Dynamodb on the other hand, is $0.0065/hour for 10 writes/s, or ~50x cheaper.

Theres definitely a big difference, as you pay for "writes" you dont use in dynamo. So if you have very bursty throughput, you might be better off on s3, but might also consider scaling the table up and down. If you have sustained throughput, you're probably better off on dynamodb.

The other big one is request time. Dynamo has a nice batching api. With small files, your response time is largely dominated by http headers. If you can batch 10 reads/writes into one dynamodb call, you almost 10x performance(but no difference in price). You can somewhat get around this in either system by making something highly parallelized, as if you can throw enough threads at it, either system should be able to keep up.

It's also worth checking, I'm pretty sure that s3's availability guarantees are worse, but durability is better.

Basically, if you have sustained throughput use dynamodb. I worked on a system that was costing over $10k/month in small, json s3 put requests. moving it to dynamo dropped it by a ton.
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9 days ago by activescott
forward3d/alpinist: Automatic Alpine Linux Package (apk) Repository Generation using AWS Lambda, S3 & SSM Parameter Store
This project provides you with an python AWS Lambda function that is capable of automatically creating a signed Alpine Repository whenever a new Alpine Package is uploaded into an S3 bucket.
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11 days ago by bfritz

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