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Uploading Large Payloads through API Gateway
signed url uploads to s3

API Gateway supports a reasonable payload size limit of 10MB. One way to work within this limit, but still offer a means of importing large datasets to your backend, is to allow uploads through S3. This article shows how to use AWS Lambda to expose an S3 signed URL in response to an API Gateway request. Effectively, this allows you to expose a mechanism allowing users to securely upload data directly to S3, triggered by the API Gateway.
aws  coding  uploads  s3 
15 hours ago by willpatera
When This Old Tired Body Wants to Sing
Words:7379, “Fuck me quicker, darling,” he purrs with liquid insincerity, “God forbid you see my face.”

Will never touches him unless it is in the dark. In the daylight he is a ghost.

후반 플립만 아니었으면 정말 다 좋았을듯. 그래도 한니발은 스위치가 견딜만 해서 괜찮았다. 절망적인 울보 한니발 좋음.
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3 days ago by engfordean
Serverless: password protecting a static website in an AWS S3 bucket
Update: This is not the case any more. Lambda@Edge now officially supports network access for viewer request/response events. This means, that it is now totally possible to manage credentials in a DynamoDB table or use any external API/provider to authenticate users, as long as the network call takes less than 5s to complete.
nov18  aws  cloudfront  lambda  s3  security 
6 days ago by payne
Minio: Private cloud storage
Minio is a high performance distributed object storage server, designed for
large-scale private cloud infrastructure. Minio is widely deployed across the
world with over 155M+ docker pulls.
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12 days ago by gkamp
Three simple rules to avoid data leaking from S3 | cloudonaut
Are you part of a highly motivated DevOps team? Use marbot, a friendly chatbot, to forward all kind of alerts from your AWS infrastructure to Slack. Alerts are escalated across your team automatically allowing you to foc
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13 days ago by odeceixe

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