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Building tiny container images | Opensource.com
When Docker exploded onto the scene a few years ago, it brought containers and container images to the masses. Although Linux containers existed before then, Docker made it easy to get started with a user-friendly command-line interface and an easy-to-understand way to build images using the Dockerfile format. But while it may be easy to jump in, there are still some nuances and tricks to building container images that are usable, even powerful, but still small in size.

First pass: Clean up after yourself

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4 hours ago by igorette
Trump appointee at VA purges during a leadership gap.
“he had not communicated with Mr. Wilkie regarding these changes."
5 hours ago by jgordon
Bodyguard: die Anti-Kartell-Matratze
Wie ich zu meiner neuen Matratze kam, oder auch: Eine Geschichte über ein zerschlagenes Kartell und Geldmacherei im großen Stil, auf dem Rücken der Verbraucher. Weiterlesen »
14 hours ago by igorette
Musk being sleazy and despicable again
A $1 billion libel judgment would be nice
15 hours ago by jgordon
“Just because Amazon is successful, doesn’t mean it’s particularly harmful to anybody else.”
Somewhat contrarian. Implies one should invest in companies after Amazon enters their space.
16 hours ago by jgordon
Brexit status.
GOP has a rival in catastrophe.
16 hours ago by jgordon
Iran: No Plan B
Maybe Trump is trying to promote global MAD?
21 hours ago by jgordon
Upstaging Anna Chapman
Russia really is like Trump’s America.
22 hours ago by jgordon
GitHub - hasura/graphql-engine: Blazing fast, instant GraphQL APIs on Postgres with fine grained access control
graphql-engine - Blazing fast, instant GraphQL APIs on Postgres with fine grained access control
yesterday by igorette
Mariia Butina: the spy who loved ... guns.
NRA leaders were putty in her hands.
yesterday by jgordon

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