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Little Gabe (A Bedtime Story)
"Ry said time the fuck out," Alex had said, and then he'd walked away, leaving Gabe seriously in a fucking corner.
Author:Lalejandra  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:CobraStarship  Gabe  Gabe/Pete  Pete  VickyT  Alex  Nate  Ryland  Kink:AgePlay  Kink:Spanking  Kink:NonSexual  EmotionalPorn  Fic  Complete  <5k 
may 2012 by jstong
Incidents and Accidents by inlovewithnight (Gabe/Ryland, Cobra Starship)
Ryland looks after Gabe. I just love how Ryland cares for Gabe in this, the shit he puts up with.
rpf  bandslash  slash  gabe/ryland  cs  gabe  ryland 
june 2010 by proteinscollide
Wordles of Character |
students studying the concept of character
education  blog  ryland  wordle  project  DIY  Twitter 
february 2010 by n2teaching
COBRA STARSHIP / like, hot damn!
it's music that Alex and I really enjoy making. We've known each other since high school and this is something that's very special to us.
ryland  interview  cobrastarship 
september 2009 by elucidate_this
YouTube - Cobra Starship - CosmoGIRL! Truth or Dare
It's pretty hilarious to see them rein it in so much for the CosmoGIRL audience, you know? So clean and wholesome! Alex and Ryland talk a lot. They're all adorable, but Gabe barely talks! He must be so incapable of not being nasty that he figured he should just keep his mouth shut, heh. *g*
bandslash  video  interview  cobrastarship  gabe  alexsuarez  ryland 
february 2009 by arallara
the richest kids by tilltheday (Alex, Ryland; Cobra Starship/This is Ivy League)
Alex and Ryland before opportunity knocks. Captures the ups and downs of their days in the moments of their friendship and shared lives. Funny and sweet and poignant.
rpf  bandslash  cs  ryland  alex  gen 
december 2008 by proteinscollide
overanalyzing the manifestations of the unconscious - fic: Build Us In A Bottle
An AU in which Alex and Ryland have a restaurant/piano bar, Pete tends bar, and Gabe is a well-intentioned douche.
pete/ryland  fob  fic  cobrastarship  pete  ryland 
december 2008 by elucidate_this
overanalyzing the manifestations of the unconscious - fic: Pig Latin
"Those jeans make your ass look fat," Ryland volunteers. He flops onto the couch and props his feet up on the arm. He's wearing shoes, so he doesn't quite fit, and he has to bend his knees the barest of degrees. It is uncomfortable in the way nearly everything is uncomfortable when you're 6'5.

"Really?" Alex frowns and swings the bathroom door open, trying to turn and look at his ass in the mirror and angle the door just right all at the same time so he can see his reflection as more than a dark blur. "They're kind of loose."

"Enormous," Ryland says. "I'm sickened by you, frankly."
gen  fic  cobrastarship  bandom  ryland  alex 
november 2008 by elucidate_this
bandom_recs: Guy Ripley
To go back and watch videos. Looks pretty entertaining.
bandslash  cobrastarship  tai  video  interview  ryland 
august 2008 by arallara
West of the Mountains, South of the Sun by Ro (Pete/Ryan, Pete/Brendon; pan-bandom)
Pete is the infamous outlaw Ryan lives to escape, but not forever, and one day Ryan's past catches up with him. I love how Ro's written Ryan in this, the end is kinda heartbreaking, but emotionally real. Also, her writing is so *beautiful*.
rpf  bandslash  slash  patd  fob  cs  tai  pete/ryan  pete/brendon  ryan.r  pete.wentz  brendon  spencer  jon  patrick  joe  andy  gabe  vicky.t  ryland  alex  nate  brent  tom.conrad  william.b  author:littlerhymes 
august 2008 by proteinscollide
fueled by chlorophyll by trascendenza (Pete/Patrick, bandom)
Plant!AU of utter cracked out goodness. Gonna steal the summary: "In which Gabe Sporta is a stalk of corn, Brendon just wants his tomatoes fondled, and Spencer will shank anyone who tries to make food out of him."
rpf  bandslash  slash  pete/patrick  fob  pete.wentz  patrick  joe  andy  patd  brendon  jon  ryan.r  spencer  cs  gabe  alex  ryland  vicky.t  nate  greta  travis 
july 2008 by proteinscollide
fell in love with sunsets at four in the afternoon - fic: Don't Believe The Hype (1/3)
Pete plays Florida with Arma and he and Ryland meet at one of their shows. Long-distance shenanigans ensue.
bandom  cobrastarship  fic  fob  pete/ryland  pete  ryland 
june 2008 by elucidate_this
Behind the Sea (alternate universe version) by airgiodslv (Gabe/William, Gerard/Frank, Panic GSFish; bandom)
Ostensibly a SeaQuest AU, but the scenario is well set up and easy to understand even without prior knowledge. It's a lot of fun, with great team dynamics, but I particularly loved the Panic love-tangle, and the adventure story is exciting too.
rpf  bandslash  slash  cs  tai  patd  mcr  fob  gabe/william  gerard/frank  jon/spencer  brendon/ryan  gabe  william.b  gerard  frank  jon  spencer  ryan  brendon  travis  ryland  alex  vicky.t  ray  mikey  bob  pete.wentz  patrick  bigbang 
june 2008 by proteinscollide

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