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Natural gas is no bargain | Rutland Herald
Regarding " Warm Wishes from Vermont Gas" that appeared as a quarterpage ad in The Addison Independent and perhaps other Vermont newspapers during the holiday
solar  heat  natural  gas  2018  january  opinion  rutland  herald 
10 weeks ago by wmaceyka
A foundation for growth | | Rutland Herald
as well as the creation of new co-working and “maker” spaces that nurture small, innovative startup businesses
phil  scott  vermont  rutland  economic  development  july  2017 
july 2017 by wmaceyka
Energy rip-off, Enron-style - Rutland Herald
Kids, go to your parents’ bedroom and find mommy’s purse and take $110 out of it. Then go out and have some fun. Why? Because the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and its own creation — the Holyoke, Mass.-based Independent System Operator of New England (ISO-NE), just confirmed that it’s OK to steal. The theft took place in June at a rigged ISO-NE “forward market” energy auction. There, Hartford-based Energy Capital Partners made off with the public’s loot to the tune of $110 from every New England ratepayer, according to consumer watchdog Public Citizen.
Rutland  Herald  iso-ne  ferc  forwardcapacitymarket  Opinion 
september 2014 by eversourcenh
Old Rutland landfill site of new solar microgrid - VTDigger
The stored energy will be used to shave peak electricity demand at times when solar power is less available – dusk, cloudy afternoons and winter months – and provide emergency backup power for Rutland High School during outages.
VTdigger  solar  rutland  batterystorage  renewable 
august 2014 by northernpass

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