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Intel source: FBI discovers Kremlin is blackmailing Jason Chaffetz over Donald Trump and Russia - Palmer Report
The intel source comes by way of political pundit Louise Mensch, whose inside sources have a history of being correct about FISA warrants and other matters. Here’s how she phrases it: “Sources say there is kompromat on Jason Chaffetzl that this is why he turned and that FBI know it” (link). She does not go on to reveal what that blackmail material is, but the key phrase here is that “he turned.”
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RT : I think this is the first time is deployed this close to . Fully withing Ru radar range.
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RT : Hopefully, someone is preparing a felony manslaughter indictment against favorite sheriff
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Charles Joseph Minard - Wikipedia
Charles Minard's map of Napoleon's disastrous Russian campaign of 1812. The graphic is notable for its representation in two dimensions of six types of data: the number of Napoleon's troops; distance; temperature; the latitude and longitude; direction of travel; and location relative to specific dates.[2]
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Farewell LJ, Fuck you Putin
Farewell LJ, Fuck you Putin
This will be my last LJ post. (Crossposted from Dreamwidth). Following LJ's new ghastly Terms of Service, essentially requiring us to follow Russian censorship laws with all their homophobia and whatever else, I will be abandoning LJ for Dreamwidth, where I am also smhwpf.

Before I go, I just have a few things to say. I realize that I am far more able to say them safely than someone in Russia.

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Queers, Trans people, Intersex people, Asexual people, and straight cis people, are all equal human beings with equal rights, including the right to love, have sex with, form relationships with, and marry, whomsoever they wish to that wishes likewise.

Same-sex relationships and marriages, or relationships and marriages between people who are gender-queer, have no gender, or define their gender otherwise (or any combination thereof) are as valid, holy, and good as 'conventional' relationships and marriages between cis people of opposite gender.

Trans people are real. Trans men are men. Trans women are women.

Vladimir Putin is a murderous tyrant. He has turned Russia into a totalitarian petro-state. He is guilty of war crimes in Syria, and has powerfully aided and abetted crimes against humanity by the Syrian regime.

He has wrought brutal slaughter in Chechnya, where he has now installed an equally brutal puppet, Ramzan Kadyrov, whose forces are right now rounding up and in some cases murdering gay men.

Putin reigns supreme for now, but one day the Russian people will sicken of him and be sufficiently motivated to do something about it. One day, Putin will fall. May it be sooner rather than later. May he face justice for his crimes when it happens.

Finally, here is a picture of a placard depicting Putin as a gender-non-conforming clown, just because it's been banned in Russia.

Putin gay clown

I will leave this up for a couple of days (if the overlords don't take it down), and then I will be deleting my LJ.

Farewell LJ, we've had some good times. Sorry you got taken over by assholes.
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Answer - Quora
Rare historical photos of Russia before the revolution
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Why Is Chaffetz Resigning? It Will All Come Out in the Laundering
He was far too intoxicated with a vision of the harm he could do to opposition candidate Hillary Clinton if he spun this the right(wing) way.

Thus, before any other members of the committee had seen the FBI email, Chaffetz went public and concocted a monstrous lie: he falsely declared that the FBI had reopened the Clinton email case. Comey did put the record straight but the media preferred the lie.
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A Russian Drone May Have Turned Off Its Camera Right Before A Syrian Hospital Was Bombed - BuzzFeed, April 8, 2017
S officials suspect that Russia operated a drone and military aircraft that surveyed and struck a Syrian hospital treating victims of the chemical attack that prompted US airstrikes on a Syrian airfield days later, two US officials told BuzzFeed News on Friday.

Military officials suspect that someone turned off the camera onboard the Russian unmanned drone just before the strike on the hospital Tuesday, effectively turning a blind eye to the attack. The officials did not make clear how the US was able to determine when the drone’s camera was recording.
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U.S. Scraps Plan to Punish Syria for Using Chemical Weapons | Foreign Policy, Nov 11, 2016
The Obama administration has throttled back its diplomatic push to make Syria destroy all of its stockpiles of chlorine and barrel bombs on the premise that the Syrian regime used them in attacks against opposition-controlled towns, according to diplomatic sources.

For the past month, the United States has tried to muster support for a resolution condemning Syria’s use of chemical weapons before the executive council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), an international watchdog. The United States sought to strip Damascus of its voting rights at the agency if it failed to permit greater international scrutiny of its suspected chemical weapons activities.

Faced with pushback from Russia and developing countries, however, Washington withdrew the measure this week, diplomatic sources say. In its place, the United States on Friday backed a watered-down, compromise measure put forward by Spain that condemns the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government and the Islamic State, and instructs the chemical weapons watchdog to carry out inspections at sites, including Syrian airports, that are linked to chemical weapons activities. But the measure stops short of imposing any penalties on Damascus, or requiring it declare its stockpiles of chlorine and barrel bombs.
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