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We Need To Talk About Nigel...
Long and rambling, more of a massive fact dump than an article, but JJ Patrick has an awful lot of evidence that UKIP, and in particular Farage and Gerard Batten, are outright Kremlin assets.
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Nehru, the Patron Saint of Soviet Sexual Liberation?
Nikita S. Khrushchev, his second-in-command, Prime Minister Nikolai A. Bulganin, and a host of lesser lights, including the mayor of Moscow, accompanied Nehru to the grand entrance to the central park. Nehru suddenly noticed something: a long line of people queuing at the ticket boxes near the gates. Curious, Nehru asked who those people were, and why they were queuing. His hosts told him that they were purchasing tickets from cashiers to enter the park. Nehru, it is believed, was dumbfounded.The exact words uttered by Nehru are thought to have ranged from astonishment to admonition. He inquired how a communist government of a socialist country could charge its people to enter public parks, while the British, the US and other capitalist countries made public parks open to the public free of charge. The Royal Parks of London had been free public parks since 1851, a century before this Moscow encounter. Khrushchev was profoundly embarrassed, and livid. His retinue could not understand what had gone wrong and looked at their boss for instructions. He said something to his minions, who ran to the ticket boxes yelling and waving hands.The ticket boxes were closed immediately, and the crowd was told that entrance was free.A great social liberation ensued. More people could afford to use public parks more often for recreation, family pursuits, picnics and romantic exploration. Everyone was elated and grateful to Nehru, the young and the old, the athletes and the war invalids, the picnicking families and the dating singles. Especially the latter
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All The Cable News Networks Are Covering The ‘Russia Story’ — Just Not The Same One | FiveThirtyEight
If you were tuned in to your TV last week as news broke about the first indictments in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, you likely had a very different experience depending on which news channel you were watching.
Russia-related coverage was much more plentiful on MSNBC and CNN than it was on Fox News as Americans learned of the charges against President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, Manafort’s former business partner Rick Gates, and Trump’s former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos. However, our analysis of the three major cable news outlets showed that the networks had all been airing Russia-related stories, some of which were about the investigation, in the days and weeks before the indictments became public. It’s just that the ideological leanings of the network tended to determine when each covered Russia-adjacent news and which stories it focused on.
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RT Yandex sees 2017 revenue rising
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RT Yandex sees 2017 revenue rising
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Estructura del orden internacional en la actualidad - Javier Solana en Conferencias en mp3(22/10 a las 00:22:10) 54:06 21600017 - iVoox
Brillante ponencia de javier Solana, en la que desgrana el giro del mundo en los últimos 10-15 años.
Marca el 2008 como un punto de giro en que se inicio la crisis económica, China se presentó en sociedad con los JJOO de Pekin y Rusia inicio la guerra con Georgia; la primera guerra de Rusia con una de las ex-repúblicas de la URSS.
Por el camino, USA descubrió que era autónomo energéticamente por primera vez con el shale y decidió hacer un giro hacia el Pacífico, pero este giro a mitad se truncó con la guerra de Siria.
Siria introdujo dos factores nuevos en el escenario actual:
1. EEUU no quería intervenir sólo en Siria y UK decidió que le ayudaría, pero primero lo votaría en le parlamento... salió no. Fue la primera vez que algo de este tipo se sometía a los parlamentos, y mostró que los parlamentos, pararían este tipo de iniciativas por no tener a la gente en la calle.
2. Rusia descubrió un nuevo tipo de guerra. La guerra para manipular a los ciudadanos y utilizarlo para debilitar a los rivales.
La no entrada de UK en Siria, hizó dudar a EEUU lo que introdujo a Rusia en el tablero y la dio una nueva base de operaciones en el mediterráneo. La idea de EEUU de giro al pacífico se interrumpió y tubo que permanecer en el Mediterráneo donde no quería.
En este escenario, la OTAN ha perdido suelo y EEUU está dispuesto por primera vez a que la UE cree su grupo de defensa común, que no tiene porque tener a EEUU y sería más operativo, y que de hecho se ha creado a finales de 2017 con Alemania, Francia, Italia y España, que son el pulmón de la UE.
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We’re at cyberwar. And the enemy is us.
We’ve been worried about a massive frontal assault, a work of Internet sabotage that would shut down commerce or choke off the power grid. ...
But we failed to prepare for an attack of great subtlety and strategic nuance. Enemies of the West have hacked our cultural advantages, turning the very things that have made us strong — technological leadership, free speech, the market economy and multi-party government — against us. The attack is ongoing.

-- David Von Drehle
The Washington Post | | 17 nov 2017
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Trump Russia timeline of events: Trump Russia scandal guide - POLITICO
“Well I’ve done a lot of business with the Russians,” Trump says. “They’re smart and they’re tough.” Trump goes on to say that Putin is a “tough guy” and that he’s met him “once.”
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בישראל מאוכזבים מארהב: היועץ לביטחון לאומי ייצא לביקור בבית הלבן
"כשראינו את ההסכם הזה שאלנו, איפה ארה"ב?", תהה גורם בכיר, "אין ארה"ב, היא הפכה לשמועה במזרח התיכון". עוד נטען, כי האמריקנים הבטיחו בשיחות עמם, כי בשלב מאוחר יותר, כחלק מתהליך מדיני כולל לסיום מלחמת האזרחים הסורית, ניתן יהיה להרחיק את האיראנים עוד יותר מהגבול הישראלי.

הבכירים הישראלים טענו אם זאת, כי הם לא תולים תקוות בהבטחות הללו. לדבריהם הנחמה היחידה היא שחרף העובדה שהאמריקנים לא רוצים לנקוט בפעולות בשטח בעצמם, הם נותנים "אור ירוק" לישראל להמשיך בתקיפות בסוריה נגד חיזבאללה והאיראנים. "אין ברירה, נצטרך לטפל במצב בעצמנו", טוענים בישראל.
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Russia Feels the SpaceX Threat, Looks at Satellite for Growth - Via Satellite Nov 2017
SatComRus 2017 in Moscow took on a celebratory feel as Russian satellite operator Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) celebrated its 50th anniversary. However, the underlying theme of the event was how Russian space companies could build for a more prosperous future. It was interesting that SpaceX was mentioned a number of times from different speakers at the event in Moscow two weeks ago as both an inspiration, and an example of a space company setting a new agenda.
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