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White House Threatened Syria While Trump Yawned, Insiders Say - Daily Beast, June 27, 2017
All this occurred this week as President Donald Trump displayed what two White House officials characterized as relative indifference and passivity towards the subject, instead opting to focus his public and private energies towards fuming at his domestic enemies in the Democratic Party and the “fake news.”
“The president cares more about CNN and the Russia story than [Syria] at the moment,” one official observed.
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Netizen Report: New Research Tests Facebook’s Digital ‘On Ramp’ for Developing Countries
Research tests Facebook's Free Basics app for usability and openness; independent news sites censored in South Sudan; Kyrgyzstan bans the Internet Archive for ‘extremist materials’; Russian Senate passes censorship law outlawing VPNs, Tor; research on a Twitter bot army launched against Al Jazeera; and more in Global Voices Advocacy's Netizen Report
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The Middle East’s Playing Field - Carnegie, July 12, 2017
Washington informed the Russians that it was not concerned with the Astana agreement for establishing deconfliction zones in Syria, or even with the Geneva process on Syria. It stressed that the American concern was purely military—gaining control of territory in eastern Syria and cooperating with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to expel the Islamic State from Raqqa, and with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to do the same in Syria’s south.

Washington was seemingly convinced that its two objectives—the defeat of the Islamic State and the reduction in Iranian influence—could be achieved through military control over southern and eastern Syria. This is where Moscow came in to suggest cooperating with the U.S. in southern Syria in the creation of a deconfliction zone there, especially that President Donald Trump was also interested in creating “safe zones” in that part of the country aimed at reducing the refugee problem and combating terrorism. Talks ensued between Russian and U.S. officials in Amman, Jordan, and one of Washington’s conditions for cooperation was pushing Iran and its Revolutionary Guards, along with Hezbollah, away from both the Jordanian-Syrian and Israeli-Syrian borders, to a distance of 30–50 kilometers.

When the U.S. bombed pro-Iran militias in the desert in May, Moscow hammered out an agreement between Washington and Tehran, specifically outlining the spheres of influence of each party. The U.S. subsequently withdrew from the Zakf base north of Tanf and Iran responded positively by dismantling some of its military checkpoints from the vicinity of the border town, to a distance of 55 kilometers. This was the first real territorial swap, or agreement, between the Americans and Iranians in Syria, brought about through direct Russian mediation.

Clearly Iran wants to preserve its lifeline to Hezbollah, via Iraq and Syria. There are three such vital lifelines for Hezbollah: one runs through the Damascus-Baghdad highway, the second through Damascus International Airport, and the third through the port of Tartous, which is used to transport Iranian arms to Hezbollah.

Some in the West believe that Iran will accept foregoing the Damascus-Baghdad highway and surrendering its presence in the Golan in exchange for accepting an Iranian sphere of influence that stretches from Damascus to the Syrian-Lebanese borders.
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(2579) Allan Lichtman: Why President Trump will be impeached – BBC Newsnight - YouTube
GOP on a knifes edge. approval rating plummeting, they see him as a liability to their own reelection locally (senate, congress). Trump's vulnerability is the Damocles sword created by Russia/Putin (collusion, treason) to get dirt accept dirt about HRC from Russia.
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RT : I’d love to see this start making its way around the internet.
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New bombshell report reveals Trump’s lengthy ties to Russian mobsters and money laundering
This piece isn't well written, but it does contain a fascinating array of figures. Key names: Bayrock Group, Bayrock whistleblower Jody Kriss, "career criminal" Felix Sater (later "Satter"), Trump attorney Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, mob informer and memoirist Salvatore Lauria, Soviet hotelier Tevfik Arif, oligarch Alexander Mashkevich, Icelandic bank FL Group
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