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Russian election system hacking in 2016
We know they probed 21 states because we only had monitoring in 21 states
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7 hours ago by nelson
Russian censor Roskomnadzor expands legal justification for blocking access to websites
Russia's federal censor Roskomnadzor "quietly revised its own regulatory statutes to expand its legal justifications for blocking websites," Meduza reports: "The changes state that Roskomnadzor can block online resources on the basis of a court ruling in an administrative case involving Russia’s laws on information. The newspaper Kommersant was the first to notice the revisions."

And despite the state's attempts (including by blocking 18 million IP addresses) to block Russian users from the Telegram messaging app, "Telegram’s total user base in Russia has shrunk by just three percent since the Russian government started trying to block it," says Meduza, referencing data from analysts at analytics firms Combot, TGStat and Crosser Bot.

Elsewhere on Russia/Telegram: Al Jazeera reports on the ongoing "internet civil war," providing context for the long running legal battle between Telegram CEO Pavel Durov and the state, as well as some unintended effects of the block, such as raising the technical literacy of regular users who turn to circumvention tools to evade the blocks.

Human Rights Watch Russia Program Director Tanya Lokshina writes on how "life's gone haywire for Russian internet users," inconveniencing Russians trying to complete simple, essential tasks like looking up train schedules or buying clothes from Amazon.
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14 hours ago by dmcdev
A Key Trump-Russia Intermediary Has Been Missing for Months, as the Case for Collusion Grows Stronger
The relationship between a young American adviser and an academic with shadowy ties to Moscow reveals a secret channel between Trump’s campaign and Russia.
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15 hours ago by lehmannro
Trump Fundraiser Offered Russian Gas Company Plan to Get Sanctions Lifted for $26 Million
Shortly after President Donald Trump was inaugurated last year, top Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy offered Russian gas giant Novatek a $26 million lobbying plan aimed at removing the company from a U.S. sanctions list, according to documents obtained by The Intercept.

Broidy is a Trump associate who was deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee until he resigned last week amid reports that he had agreed to pay $1.6 million to a former Playboy model with whom he had an affair. But in February 2017, when he laid out his lobbying proposal for Novatek, he was acting as a well-connected businessman and longtime Republican donor in a bid to help the Russian company avoid sanctions imposed by the Obama administration. The 2014 sanctions were aimed at punishing Russia for annexing Crimea and supporting pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine.

In February 2017, Broidy sent a draft of the plan by email to attorney Andrei Baev, then a Moscow- and London-based lawyer who represented major Russian energy companies for the firm Chadbourne & Parke LLP. Baev had already been communicating with Novatek about finding a way to lift U.S. sanctions.
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15 hours ago by lehmannro
China’s $6 Billion Propaganda Blitz Is a Snooze – Foreign Policy
RT doesn’t mind whether it goes to the far-left or the far-right. But Chinese state media, reporting, and punditry can only act from a very narrow, officially approved scope, and the risk of the political extremes is too much. Instead of fascists and radicals, then, Chinese media is left with elderly politicians and business executives.
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20 hours ago by yorksranter
Google confirms some of its own services are now getting blocked in Russia over the Telegram ban • TechCrunch
Ingrid Lunden:
<p>currently, nearly 18 million IP addresses are knocked out from being accessed in Russia, all in the name of blocking Telegram.

And in the latest development, Google has now confirmed to us that its own services are now also being impacted. From what we understand, Google Search, Gmail and push notifications for Android apps are among the products being affected.

“We are aware of reports that some users in Russia are unable to access some Google products, and are investigating those reports,” said a Google spokesperson in an emailed response. We’d been trying to contact Google all week about the Telegram blockade, and this is the first time that the company has both replied and acknowledged something related to it.

(Amazon has acknowledged our messages but has yet to reply to them.)

Google’s comments come on the heels of RKN itself also announcing today that it had expanded its IP blocks to Google’s services. At its peak, RKN had blocked nearly 19 million IP addresses, with dozens of third-party services that also use Google Cloud and Amazon’s AWS, such as Twitch and Spotify, also getting caught in the crossfire.

Russia is among the countries in the world that has enforced a kind of digital firewall, blocking periodically or permanently certain online content. Some turn to VPNs to access that content anyway, but it turns out that Telegram hasn’t needed to rely on that workaround to get used.

“RKN is embarrassingly bad at blocking Telegram, so most people keep using it without any intermediaries,” said Ilya Andreev, COO and co-founder of Vee Security, which has been providing a proxy service to bypass the ban.</p>
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yesterday by charlesarthur
Russia's crackdown on Telegram disrupts Google services across the country
Google has joined the scores of websites, apps and services caught up as collateral damage in Russia's censorship war on popular messaging app Telegram, with "almost all services offered by Google" experiencing "mass disruptions," Meduza reports. In response to users upset with the outages, state censorship agency Roskomnadzor denied blocking Google:

"The outages started after Russia’s federal censor added another 118 Google IP addresses to the country’s Internet blacklist over the weekend...After a wave of complaints from the public, Roskomnadzor issued several statements on Monday denying that it has blocked Google’s online services. The agency says the Google disruptions are the result of problems with the traffic filtering systems operated by Russian Internet providers. Roskomnadzor specifically says it hasn’t blocked YouTube, Gmail, the Web version of Google Play, Google Drive, and reCAPTCHA."

- Telegram CEO Pavel Durov is calling for Russian users to protest en masse on Sunday, April 29, by sending off paper airplanes (Telegram's logo) in a coordinated fashion.

- Russian internet users have pushed back on the block by relabeling Roskomnadzor on Google Maps as a "permanently closed" "gay bar" and changing its name to "Roskompozor" (Roskom-disgrace).

- The Washington Post editorial board is sounding off on Russia's Telegram crackdown and China's recent shutdown of the popular Neihan Duanzi app, in stating that Russia and China have taken "Big Brother to absurd new levels."
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yesterday by dmcdev
How Russian military support is secretly airlifted to Syria's Assad - World News -
The flights in and out of Rostov, which no organisation has previously documented, are operated by Cham Wings, a Syrian airline hit with U.S. sanctions in 2016 for allegedly transporting pro-Assad fighters to Syria and helping Syrian military intelligence transport weapons and equipment. The flights, which almost always land late at night, don’t appear in any airport or airline timetables, and fly in from either Damascus or Latakia // well at least they get an A320 these days. new names are Khors, Dart, and Cham Wings (=al-Sham, the Levant). also, note that the interviewee mentioned involvement in Angola and Iraq 2003!
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yesterday by yorksranter
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Moscow Inserts Political Operatives into African Countries Where Elections are Scheduled
The operation is being organized by Yevgeny Prigozhin, Putin’s former chef and the man who was behind both portions of Russia’s trolling operations against the United States and the United Kingdom as well as the Vagner private military company of mercenaries Russia has been using in Syria, Pertsev says.
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yesterday by yorksranter
ICDS – Russia’s Evolving Electronic Warfare Capability: Unlocking Asymmetric Potential
his main agenda was to push a complimentary process to boost operational art in support of the evolution of the role played by EW (Voyennaya Mysl, September 2017, pp. 18–25) // makes a sight more sense than a lot of cyberbollocks
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yesterday by yorksranter

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