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Who Defects? Unpacking a Defection Cascade from Russia's Dominant Party 2008–12 | American Political Science Review | Cambridge Core
Under what conditions do individuals withdraw support from dominant parties in nondemocratic regimes? Employing an original panel survey, we measure the same individuals’ support for Russia's dominant party first at the peak of its dominance in 2008 and again shortly after it suffered a cascading defection of regime supporters in 2011–12. This allows us uniquely to explore the microfoundations of theories of regime defection cascades, generally supporting the argument that they involve complex “informational” as well as “reputational” processes. Accordingly, we find that early and eager movers in such a cascade tend to come from less socially vulnerable segments of the population, to have greater need to rely on other people for interpreting events, to believe the regime has lower levels of popular support, and to come from more heterogeneous communities. We find little role for mass media (including social media) or democratizing zeal in driving Russia's regime defection cascade.
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Driving through airport
Drunk in Russia, amazing CCTV footage
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NSA in Unprecedented Hunt for KremlinGate Evidence
America’s most important spy agency pulls out all the stops in its investigation of Russian interference in 2016.
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RT : I'm expecting to call a large snap-drill of their armed forces on June 1st. If the lull continues beyond th…
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Art and Corruption | WIRED
@bruces toured St. Petersburg in 1998, in the last of the Yeltsin years. And this is on art:
"When you stay a while in Europe, or even in Russia, you can glance back and you can come to see that there's a strange, scalped quality about the US. There's a creepiness about us, a blankness, a darkness. Behind all the glitzy military-entertainment video product, our satellite rock and roll, our disposable diapers, and our racks of shiny fluoride-strengthened teeth, there's a gum-popping Whore America, who can be led to culture but who can't be made to think. [...] Russia is in bad straits, but I will swear with my hand on a Unix bible that when Olga Tobreluts enters the room, the image-crunching jockeys at Industrial Light & Magic ought to genuflect and spit up holy water."
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