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The Democrats’ Rural Voter Problem (and How to Fix It) | The New Republic
Clinton’s boast that she won where the economy is vibrant partially explains why she lost: There are too few of these vibrant areas left to win national elections. Regional inequality resulted from Clinton-era globalization hollowing out factory towns in the 1990s and runaway firms seizing controlof large sectors of the economy, swallowing Main Streets nationwide. With votes for president not spread equally across the country, a Democrat can win the popular vote convincingly and lose enough of the Midwest to tip the election to a Republican
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3 days ago by rbhlms
Philippine rural banks partner with UnionBank for blockchain
"There are two takeawys from this. The first concerns Visa and broadeneing acceptance og B2B Connect. Though not formally available it is clearly making progress.

The second is that, though blockchain is complex, that does not mean complexity has to exclude smaller business. As the UnionBank link with the four small Philippine rural banks shows, blockchain can reach any level of business."
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26 days ago by jonerp
Matter Prints
"MATTER reinterprets textile heritage into prints that tell stories of where and why they are made. Our mission is threefold — to foster designer-artisan collaborations, inspire customers to value provenance & process, and pioneer industry change & sustainability for rural textile communities."

Label started in 2014 by Ho Renyung and Yvonne Suner, initially focusing on trousers with hand-weaving, intricate block printing and heritage designs. Operating from office-shophouse in Singapore.

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4 weeks ago by eocas
Who's Missing From America's Colleges? Rural High School Graduates : NPR Ed : NPR
When Dustin Gordon's high school invited juniors and seniors to meet with recruiters from colleges and universities, a handful of students showed up.

A few were serious about the prospect of continuing their educations, he said, "But I think some of them went just to get out of class."

In his sparsely settled community in the agricultural countryside of southern Iowa, "there's just no motivation for people to go" to college, says Gordon, who's now a senior at the University of Iowa.

"When they're ready to be done with high school, they think, 'That's all the school I need, and I'm just going to go and find a job.' " That job, Gordon explains, might be on the family farm or at the egg-packaging plant or the factory that makes pulleys and conveyor belts, or driving trucks that haul grain.
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5 weeks ago by verstehen
The evolving role of satellite networks in rural and remote broadband access - Papers - OECD iLibrary
David Reed's work

"Satellites serve as an important option to deliver broadband services to residences and businesses in rural and remote regions throughout the world. In OECD countries, the majority of people live in urban areas or at locations that are closely settled enough to use other broadband access technologies on a cost effective basis. Satellite technology, however, is deploying several significant innovations that result in improved services and may radically change the costs of providing satellite broadband. The purpose of this report is to describe these key recent developments based upon new and anticipated satellite broadband deployments, and discuss their implications for the future use of satellites to deliver broadband services to residential and business users. The report investigates how innovation is changing the role of satellites in extending broadband services to underserved areas in relation to other broadband options and important policy challenges to be considered in light of such innovation."
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5 weeks ago by pierredv

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